Arc action alert: Don’t Cut Our Lifeline Medicaid Toolkit

9 May

In the U.S. (and I assume elsewhere) budget cuts are pending on state and federal levels. The Arc is warning of potential cuts which can make a major impact on funding for the intellectually disabled and the developmentally disabled.

The full action alert can be found on the ARC website.

Don’t Cut Our Lifeline Medicaid Toolkit

Protect the Services You or a Loved One Rely On to Survive! Take Action Now!

After much debate, Congressional leaders and President Obama reached a deficit reduction and debt deal in time to avoid defaulting on the Nation’s debt. Your work to convince legislators to protect Medicaid in the short term made a difference! Now, we must redouble our efforts as more grave threats lie ahead.

We need you to continue contacting your elected officials and tell them, “Don’t Cut Our Lifeline!” Participate in their town hall meetings; visit their local offices; and invite them to meet families or to see your programs. Advocates like you sharing their stories have already made a great impact, we can’t afford to lose steam now.

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