A brave Biomed group

12 Jun

The website nnyautismcenter.com has the following warning posted:

Alert Issued On Danger Supplement

Miracle Mineral Supplement and Miracle Mineral Solution marketed online as health supplements which have beneficial effects against a wide range of illnesses, is similar to industrial-strength bleach! This chemical is 28% sodium chlorite – which becomes bleach when mixed with citric acid. Taken as instructed severe vomiting and diarrhea may result while incorrect mixing of this product could lead to respiratory failure with damage to the gut and red blood cells.

Consumers are urged to dispose of the supplement as soon as possible. It is further recommended that if anyone finds either of these supplements on sale anywhere to promptly report it to local authorities.

Why is this brave? Because nnyautismcenter has an epidemic and Biomed focus. They don’t seem to be into mercury and vaccines, but they are into diets and immune system testing.

But if they can see that MMS is dangerous and warn their customers, why are other autism groups promoting MMS?

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