Autistics Speaking Day

6 Nov

I missed it. Autistic Speaking Day. Autistics Speaking Day grew out of a response to a poorly conceived awareness/fundraising event from Autism Speaks: Communication Shutdown (the link seems to be no longer valid).

Here’s part of what Corina Becker wrote last year about Autistics Speaking Day:

At the end of my last post, I stated that on November 1st, Autistic people should speak up and be heard. That in the absence of NT voices, Autistics should reclaim the Autism community by communicating in our own ways on our life experiences.

A series of blog posts are collected at

Yes, clearly, not all autistics participate by speaking or writing as many are non-verbal, non-conversational or have intellectual disability.

By Matt Carey

One Response to “Autistics Speaking Day”

  1. Harry November 6, 2012 at 12:54 #

    There are several (genuinely) non-verbal autistics with ID posting on the web. “In My Voice” is a blog by Mike, a non-verbal and severely disabled man. Also “Titan’s World” from Australia. From England there is Em and her “Kingdom of Rats” blog. Googling “Autismo Hub” will give you a page of links including these three blogs.

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