ARI Autistic Global Initiative Committee’s Statement on the Newtown, CT Tragedy

16 Dec

The Autism Research Institute’s Autistic Global Initiative Committee has issued a statement on the Newtown Connecticut shootings:

ARI Autistic Global Initiative Committee’s Statement on the Newtown, CT Tragedy

The statement begins:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the community of Newtown, Connecticut today in the wake of yesterday’s tragedy. Some public comments have drawn potentially inaccurate and stigmatizing conclusions about a link between the diagnosis and a propensity for violence and lack of empathy

The statement goes on, including ” As adults with autism living productive, peaceful lives, we urge the media and professionals who participate in speculative interviews about the motives of the accused shooter to refrain from misleading comments about autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities”

By Matt Carey

2 Responses to “ARI Autistic Global Initiative Committee’s Statement on the Newtown, CT Tragedy”

  1. Ann Alford December 18, 2012 at 19:21 #

    As a parent of a teenage son with autism and mental illness, it is completely unfair that the media, such as CNN has linked autism with violence and made life that much more difficult for him. Most with autism are reactive, meaning that they repond to the threats or violence around them, not create it. Putting all atistic people in a lump group is unfair to all. Not all autistic persons are mentally ill. It creates fear amoung those who harbor fear of those with disabilities, adds to the already difficult trials of trying to get treatment for mental illmess, and clouds the judgement of many who take what is reported as the final word. Being a parent with a child with disabilities can be trying and at times, discouraging. Being a single parent is even more difficult but most of us keep going for the sake of our child. Maybe I am fortunate because I have fought to get treatment for my son, which has been successful so far. He is a kind, compassionate child who was very scared and disturb by the massacure in Newtown, CT which is very close to our home. He watched me cry as I learned about the death of a former collegue and asked what he could do for me. He was scared when he returned to school on Monday. He was disturbed when he heard what was said on CNN, turning to me and asking me if he was going to do the same thing? What a stigma for him to have to live with! As a parent, I am so hurt. As a human, I am apalled. I will continue to fight, and always will, to help my son get the best care that he can get. My son did not ask for any of this. I adopted him and the history we have is that he was born premature and addicted to crack, heroine, alcohol and cocaine. None of this was expected. We have learned to accept what comes and work to get the best treatment possible with next to nothing. That is what a loving parent does.


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