My sympathies and apology to the good people of Newtown Connecticut

16 Dec

When I heard news of the murders in Newtown Connecticut I, like everyone, was shocked and saddened. Those are very weak words for the emotions I felt. I can offer sympathy, condolences and some understanding of what the good people of Newtown feel, but I can only imagine their grief at this time.

The autism communities rarely speak with one voice but this time there has been a unity of support and sympathy from all corners.

There has been a second message as well.  Not for the people of Newtown, but for the press reporting on this story. A message to treat autistics with fairness and accuracy. That whether the shooter was autistic or not, to keep in mind that autism is not the same as violent. That this young man in no way represents autism any more than he represents your community.

For intruding on your grief to interject that message, I apologize. I believe the individuals and groups who have stepped forward with these messages have done so with respect and only done so this early because of the need to head off a damaging theme we have seen emerge in the past from other shootings.

I have tried to highlight those messages here on this site. I have strived to do so with as much respect as I possible.

I wish you well in the time ahead and hope our support outweighs our intrusion.

By Matt Carey

3 Responses to “My sympathies and apology to the good people of Newtown Connecticut”

  1. Sullivan (Matt Carey December 16, 2012 at 06:40 #

    For those who are unaware: blog software gives statistics on things like recent search terms used to find your site. Yesterday, before I started posting all the various statements, I started getting a lot of people looking for “autism and violence”

    I am very grateful to all those working to get an accurate message about autism out to the public’s eye. Autism does not equate with violent.

  2. Lara Lohne December 16, 2012 at 07:31 #

    I don’t know a whole lot of people with autism, but those that I do know are not violent in any respect. In fact, they try very hard to keep their emotions in check, because very strong emotions are similar to outside stimulation. If too much hits them at once, they meltdown and sometimes thrash out uncontrollably, but that is not them being violent or aggressive, it is their brains misfiring, cross wired, whatever you wish to call it, trying to make sense of all the external stimuli and when it gets overloaded, sometimes things over flow. It’s similar to filling up a container, once it reaches its limit, if you don’t stop filling, it over flows. What I’m attempting to say is, even an autistic having a meltdown would not have the capacity or wherewithal to stage such an elaborate crime. That would take a clear mind, and is not possible from a mind that is overly saturated with sensory input and in the throes of a sensory meltdown. Significantly more violence has happened to autistic individuals then has happened from them.

  3. stanley seigler December 16, 2012 at 18:00 #

    my daughter, our spoiled only child, is 47 yo. in advocating (47 years) for her i have never experienced any on the spectrum that ehxhibed the behaviour that indicates any are capable of the mass killings…and;

    i am very concerned re the professionals who claim to have worked with those on the spectrum for years. they provide stupid, extreme, midinformtion to the public.


    these are the pros who concieve and provide support programs for our children and adult friends…

    off topic but needs to be said re these horrible, horrible, senseless acts:

    criminal… what special interest lobbys have done to our country…in this instance the NRA …

    NRA set up straw man arguments…eg, 2nd amendments rights, people not guns kill , crooks will always get guns…and have convinced the gun culture cowboys they need ak47s to kill rabbits…

    gun control has nothing to do with the 2nd, not w/ people kill, nor crooks will always get guns…it has to do with keeping guns out of the hands of crazies.

    the NRA use straw men to divert attention from their true motive: “profit for the firearms manufacturers”…and the cowboy lemmings have bought it hook, line and sinker.

    and no one calls the NRA on their crap…they should rot in hell for their misleading ‘profit over lives’ bs.

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