Robert Saylor’s death ruled homicide

19 Feb

A gentleman with Down Syndrome went to the movies recently. When the movie was finished, he decided to stay to see it again. In other words, he did not get out of his seat; he did not buy a new ticket. The theater has security guards. Three of them.  Off duty police who were in police uniforms.  All three were called in to deal with this gentleman who would not get out of his seat.

The gentleman, Robert Saylor, died of asphyxiation.

Yes, for “resisting arrest” the off-duty police used enough force to result in the death of the gentleman. Because he wouldn’t buy an $11 ticket.

More at:

Autopsy finds that Md. man with Down syndrome died of asphyxia while in police custody

Robert Saylor death ruled a homicide

By Matt Carey

3 Responses to “Robert Saylor’s death ruled homicide”

  1. justiceformoody March 8, 2013 at 02:41 #

    I would like to see in print the name or names of the theater employees from the Regal Cinema in Maryland that ratted out Robert Saylor to the three brutal police. This was the last movie that poor boy ever got to see in his life and would it have hurt anyone if he was allowed to sit in his seat minding his own business and view it for a second time? Who would have lost a dime over this? The theater wouldn’t have lost any money. Perhaps Robert would have gone to the concession stand and bought $20.00 worth of candy, popcorn and soft drinks for the second movie. I have looked all over the Internet and have not found out their names of the Regal Cinema employees YET. That is who’s name’s I want to see. If anyone knows their names, please write to me. Once the employees names are exposed please PLASTER their names all over Facebook and the Internet. The three sheriff’s names have already been disclosed and are awaiting their fate. Please boycott this theater, fire the theater employees that called the police on Robert Saylor and throw the sheriffs in prison for a long term sentence.

    I have also enclosed a petition to sign. This is for the alleged murder of Moody the 12-year old neighborhood cat by Pastor Rick Bartlett. He starved, trapped, tortured and threw Moody, who had an ID collared tag over a 50-foot bridge. This happened in Bastrop, TX on January 16, 2012. Rick and Tina Bartlett’s trial is on May 9 and May 13, 2013 in Bastrop, TX.
    Please sign the petition:

    • Lynz March 12, 2013 at 07:42 #

      I was wondering the same thing, why aren’t the theater employees names posted here? They are guilty parties, too. Spineless, stupid wastes of flesh. I worked in a movie theater and would NEVER call the police unless it was some extreme circumstance, such as someone was being physically violent in the building and i had absolutely no way whatsoever to handle it myself. What reason could you possibly have to call the police on a mentally disabled man for wanting to watch a movie again? I would have bought the guy’s movie ticket myself, and it probably wouldn’t have even come to that, as any employer I’ve ever worked for would have just let him sit through a second showing for free out of common courtesy.Those employees are worthless pieces of shit.

      • psychtld March 18, 2013 at 12:18 #

        “Those employees are worthless pieces of shit.”

        Please…. that is very insulting….. to shit.

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