Andrew Wakefield: Now, what about that debate?

30 Apr

Today we have another article by autism parent and general practitioner Michael Fitzpatrick. In his article, Andrew Wakefield and Vaccine Safety, Dr. Fitzpatrick discusses how Mr. Wakefield’s claims about the MMR are without merit.

Mr. Wakefield has been in the news lately as Wales faces a major outbreak of measles. Mr. Wakefield is facing criticism for the predicted results of his claims about the safety of the MMR vaccine, and his suggestion that the MMR vaccine be set aside. Recently Mr. Wakefield put out a challenge to debate “any serious challenger” on the safety of the MMR vaccine.

Dr. Fitzpatrick is a general practitioner in London, autism parent and author of the book MMR and Autism: What Parents Need To Know. Dr. Fitzpatrick accepted Mr. Wakefield’s debate challenge, but Mr. Wakefield has not responded.

By Matt Carey

3 Responses to “Andrew Wakefield: Now, what about that debate?”


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