Autism and mercury: never held a lot of interest, and now almost none

25 Jan

10 years ago if one went into online discussions about autism, one would find those discussions dominated by parents and one would find a few parents in those discussions trying to dominate the discussions with comments about how autism is caused by mercury in vaccines. David Kirby’s flawed book, Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy came out in 2006. Robert Kennedy Jr.’s even more flawed article “Deadly Immunity” had come out in 2005. Both caused a stir, no doubt. Kirby got a best seller out of it and there were even talks of a movie. But even then, only small fraction of parents were engaging in chelation of their children (thankfully a small number, but it should have never been used as an autism therapy). But, what the autism/mercury movement lacked in numbers they made up for with volume. Aided by some wealthy people who made sure the idea got publicity.

But, how much interest has there really been in the autism and mercury? And where are we now?

I used a simple method to look at interest: Google trends. Google Trends gives us a measure of how often a search term is used over time.

So, what does the trend look like for the search terms autism mercury? (click to enlarge)

Autism Mercury

One sees those spikes in the 2005-06 time frame. But what since? Aside from some noise, a steady decline. People just aren’t searching on autism and mercury much anymore.

And “much” is a relative term. Let’s consider autism as a search term on it’s own. (Click to enlarge)


Lot’s of spikes, but interest is relatively flat over time. So the drop in the “mercury autism” search isn’t due to a drop in autism interest. Sure, some people are likely just entering “autism” and looking for autism and mercury, but, still, interest is way down for mercury.

One thing about Google trends is that they normalize their graphs. They take the highest interest level and set that at 100. So the two graphs above don’t tell us how the “autism mercury” search compares with interest in autism in general. Let’s graph them both, shall we? (click to enlarge)

autism and autism mercury comparison

Blue is autism. Red autism mercury. Yes, that line at the bottom that is so small you can’t see the trend at all is autism mercury. And that’s the point that I found most interesting. For all the noise made by the “mercury moms” in the past, the mercury idea was never as big a movement as they would like you to believe.

By Matt

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  1. Brian Deer January 25, 2015 at 18:44 #

    Observation says you’re right. You will, of course, recall the 2007 Cedillo case in the vaccine division of the Court of Federal Claims. This was a test case for a theory that thimerosal-containing vaccines + MMR caused autism.

    But it was plain, long before the case came to trial, that the petitioners had given up on the thimerosal theory. Evidently, the lawyers had done all the research and spoken to all the experts they could find, and decided that it was a bust. The case went forward almost entirely on the Wakefield/O’Leary MMR crap.

    I don’t think that anyone in their right mind persists with the thimerosal causing autism angle any more, or have done in many years.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 25, 2015 at 19:07 #

      Of course missing from my above article is that this vocal minority did a great deal of harm. Both in the autism communities and out.

      If one looks through the vaccine court decisions one finds a number of cases dismissed because the families couldn’t be contacted. They moved and didn’t consider it important enough to stay in touch with the court.

      I attended a lecture a few years ago. The speaker was an autism epidemiologist. The audience was people who parents, professionals and others interested in autism. Before going into the Wakefield slide she asked who in the audience were aware of Andrew Wakefield. Only a small fraction raised their hands.

      But, again, he causes harm with the small group that listens.

  2. John Fryer January 25, 2015 at 22:07 #

    Hi Thanks for bringing up the mercury issue.

    I realise that most people are so ignorant of harm from medical drugs, vaccines and our food and drink that they tend to think you are loony when you mention failing health, rising autism et al.

    Also those that do study the issues tend to polarize on opposite sides and engage in ritual ping pong.

    Facts today are bad and getting worse:

    We have unarguably 70 million children now into adulthood with autism of varying degrees from barely noticeable to unable to lead independent lives.

    I watched the Rain Man and understood this guy was a high flying autism sufferer (the film dates to 1988). But after one week with his brother it was back to a life with hospital experts and a life of boredom after a one week flirt with the real world.

    Mercury is much more dangerous than the metal lead which has been linked to autism in the 1990’s.

    Mercury did cause Pinks Disease and those survivers do suffer higher amounts of autism showing somehow it has become genetic for their descendants.

    The unpublished work of Tom Verstraeten showed a huge link which has been endlessly argued over to no definite conclusion.

    Karen Wetterhahn suffered a lethal effect from infusion of organoùercury through presumably here skin though here the inhalation effect has been ignored.

    I did a study of her group and found she was not the only worker with mercury to suffer harm.

    Going back to BSE in the UK and the first pathology study of the very first mad cow came down with proof of mercury harm.

    Strangely this presumably came from vaccines but the lady never was allowed near any more mad cows.

    Today we cremate more than before leading to yet more mercury pollution in the air.

    We do not know the cause for autism but it is always wise to keep it in the background until true causation is finally worked out (some hope?)

    Many more babies used to die after mercury vaccines and removal may indeed have reduced death to lesser conditions?

    Nothing is simple and it is evident most safety studies are never long enough and often contradictory.

    Whatever side or view we take at least we are making an effort and Idont personally decry any who seriously study the issues but take exception only when plausible reasons for harm are dismissed.

    Nobody can EVER dismiss mercury or any compound as BENIGN unless they are fools or have an agenda.

    Lets just remember it was Boyd Haley and his observation that finally got some movement on reducing mercury vaccines but sadly to be replaced by aluminium another metal with no place in our body chemistry.

    Everybody needs to stick to FACT and the fact is that mercury is extremely toxic and like aluminium has no known place in body chemistry.

    Professor Wetterhahn and her long decline to death does make one wonder if harm noticed at the time of MMR may in fact be related to the previous years mercury vaccines in the 1990’s.

    Finally there are a long and growing body of evidence in book form on mercury most of which I have yet to buy and read.

    One by one of the people you mentioned has recently added to the literature with comments that self censorship of some chapters was made by the author himself.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 25, 2015 at 22:51 #

      Same old failed arguments.

      • Lawrence January 26, 2015 at 00:48 #

        70 million? That’s why you can’t be taken seriously (well, among other things).

      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 26, 2015 at 04:57 #

        He may be getting that from Suzanne Wright’s speech at the Vatican

        At one point Mrs. Wright says “seventy million children” and later “seventy million children, teens and adults”.

        It’s interesting to note that 70 million autistics would be a prevalence of about 1%, worldwide and flat across all age groups (i.e. no epidemic).

        Now, if we took 70 million and compared that to 1.9 billion children worldwide, we would get a prevalence of about 3.7%.

        It is unlikely that Mr. Fryer is thinking of only the US as he is French. It is unlikely that he is thinking of only France, though, as France has a population of about 63 million.

        Basically, it’s a statistic pulled out of somewhere random and likely Mr. Fryer hasn’t thought it through well at all.

    • lilady January 26, 2015 at 08:32 #

      Heh. Mr. Fryer thanks you for mentioning mercury and missed your conclusion that there was never any plausible connection between Thimerosal and the onset of ASDs.

      Brian Deer provides Arthur Krigsman’s testimony during the Cedillo case, when they were trying to pin Michelle’s disabilities on the MMR vaccine. Follow along to read Krigsman’s poor performance as an expert witness. The best part, IMO, is when Krigsman opines that every autistic child should undergo gut and bowel scopings…including those who have absolutely no signs of gut/bowel disorders and no symptoms of distress:

      I’ve linked to that testimony when I comment about the last few weeks of Alex Spourdalakis’ life, when he was driven to New York from Chicago, for Krigsman to scope him.

  3. Lindsay January 25, 2015 at 22:12 #

    That’s a relief.

  4. John Fryer January 26, 2015 at 14:24 #

    Hi Thanks for the interest and comments.

    The situation for autism sufferers is long term and grim.

    To take me seriously or not seriously is a disservice to the autism children now adults and those destined in the future after birth to be autistic.

    This isnt about scoring points.

    You people like those you despise for thinking the unthinable about GMO material sold as food, unsafe vaccines, pesticides in our food and water supply et al are at the top of those outside of science, industry and government to have some idea of autism cause.

    If you think little babies can be born into a world where a Fukushima event happens every decade or so, where pollution is increasing in some cases from zero when I was a baby to levels now occupying four times the size of France (plastic rubbish in the oceans).

    The world had changed in 70 years from that where the Rachel Carsons were derided for trying to save butterflies to that today of the Andrew Wakefields trying to save little babies from autism.

    Yes, he might be 200 per cent wrong, but does it help 16 on to harp on about what you imagine was one faulty paper linked to a dozen other scientists and doctors who have been excused criticism largely and have gone on to distinguished careers in the medical and scientific field.

    People do make solid suggestions and can be taken apart often quite rightly.

    But if its not 70 million it is a figure which must be measured in millions. I cannot say if 70 million is correct but do know it did come from an authoritative source such as the CDC.

    Lets look at several things today such as recovery fro autism which at one time was considered impossible.

    We might argue that the remedies are silly, dangerous at times and foolish but somehow the recovery climbed over ten per cent and is now reckoned around 20 per cent.

    Andrew Wakefield as everyone here knows actually recommended the measles vaccine and it is abhorrent to describe him as responsible for the failures today when periodic outbreaks occur. Most people outside of his circle and this circle are ignorant of this guy. I have yet to find anyone who has heard of him and the propaganda of vaccines is so powerful my freinds I know get their yearly flu shots anyway and dont tell me directly. Andrew recommends the single shot now difficult or impossible to find.

    How does this benefit a person who faces a measles outbreak and has to get several other live viruses when he just needs measles only.

    I am still waiting for an authoritative answer to anaphylaxis after repeat vaccines (Research by Charles Richet) but was interested in lowering of the immune level after vaccines. The species involved has turned up in sufferers bowels who have ulcerative colitis. The authors did not discuss where these species migrated too but just gave the observation of the loss.

    As a simple chemist I do still believe in conservation effects and wonder after vaccines if these wanderings do in fact cause bowel problems.

    But that would possibly involve a rethink of the notorious 1998 paper which spoke of vaccines, autism and bowel problems or diarrhoea to those outside of the medical profession possibly?

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 26, 2015 at 18:25 #

      “Andrew Wakefield as everyone here knows actually recommended the measles vaccine and it is abhorrent to describe him as responsible for the failures today when periodic outbreaks occur. ”

      You lose credibility instantly bringing up Andrew Wakefield.

      Wakefield informed us all about how we should fear the MMR vaccine. All the while working on multiple business ventures that would profit from exactly that scare. Including an alternate measles vaccine, a therapy and testing to support litigation. All his inventions were based on his poor understanding of science and were useless, but he didn’t know that.

    • Narad January 30, 2015 at 17:53 #

      I am still waiting for an authoritative answer to anaphylaxis after repeat vaccines (Research by Charles Richet)

      I wasn’t aware that jellyfish toxins were vaccines.

  5. John Fryer January 26, 2015 at 14:42 #

    Hi The NIH answers the question of how many children with autism with the stark figure that every year in the USA more than 36 thousand children born will have or develop autism.

    Even with 20 per cent recovery thats a life time number of huge proportions.

    Follow some links to the CDC and the history of autism and you find:

    In the 1980’s that typically for Europe (Germany, Sweden and Norway) a prevalence rate of 0.2

    For South Korea (following the vaccine programme of USA – may be totally unrelated?) in the 2010’s the figure using the same prevalence comes out at over 26.

    An arguable increase of some magnitiude?

    While we argue and play ping pong the numbers already now out of control just get worse and worse.

    There was just one doctor who found almost by chance what caused flipper births. A condition completely new and fortunately identified in record time (still nearly five to ten years?)

    Autism once excessively rare has caught the medico science world as they have not manged to find the cause and fairly evidently society is unwittingly continuing with the cause which all to date fail to see and identify.

    Surely precaution should tell us to stop digging a bigger hole for tomorrows babies?

  6. John Fryer January 26, 2015 at 16:14 #

    Hi Looking for the 70 million with autism

    1 UN chief in 2010 quotes this figure

    2 WHO in 2013 quotes this figure

    Rethinking Autism by Lyn Waterhouse page 306 quotes this figure

    Autism speaks in 201′ quotes this figure.

    Also the Global Autism Project.

    The figure is given also alongside the figure of 600 000 in the UK.

    South Korea and the USA have at least one million each with autism.

    Sadly for a backward country (no money for health) some argue that an autism diagnosis for them is worse than a terminal illness.

    Lyn Waterhouse in her book actually talks about the savant myth in that people with neuro developmental illness do not in general turn out to be more intelligent than everyone else.

    The Rain Man concept was rather a film ploy perhaps to gain public support for their film?

    One organisation quotes an alarming 24 per cent with non verbal or bare ability to talk.

    However wrong the 70 million turns out to be it is believed by those in authority and would be still a major health issue even if we discounted 90 per cent of this figure.

    One group actually put that 85 per cent of the autism children are in the developed countries signifying something in those countries that are ruining the health of babies rather than improving them.

    For those who havent heard the USA National Academy of Science researched and accepted that in 2013 for

    USA Poorer Health Shorter Lives

    is fact.

    However you look and whatever your views autism is just one sign of increasing health issues for the developed world where for my daughter born in 1971 the prospects then were a thousand times better than prospects today for a child born in the same place as 50 years ago.

    Argue about numbers, yes but there is a problem for health that impacts mostly babies but as the academy of science points out affects everyone across all ages except for the very old amongst us.

    The very argument that mercury should now be thought of as benign and the works on mercury are faulty and we should discount mercury are a sure sign that in the search to improve health we are totally lost at the moment.

    All mercury compounds are toxic and many are also neurotoxic. And the big health issue is one of mysterious neurotoxic health issues for which autism is but one.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 26, 2015 at 18:22 #

      “Hi Looking for the 70 million with autism”

      As I pointed out, that’s either a 1% prevalence for the entire world population (i.e. no epidemic) or a nearly 4% for children. You skipped explaining that. In fact, you completely ignored it and pretended it didn’t exist when you made statements like “yes but there is a problem for health that impacts mostly babies”

      Autism is not linked to mercury in vaccines. I realize that you’ve seen all the facts many times and continue to believe your position. Just as you quote figures like 70 million without thinking them through.

  7. John Fryer January 26, 2015 at 16:48 #

    Two articles which discuss mercury and are new to me are:

    Exposure to mercury … in early life ..;

    Jose Dorea published this month (Janury 2015)

    And The Toxins that threaten our brains

    J Hamblin (March 2014)

    Both actually recognise the additive if not synergy of several neaurotoxins acting together especially for the child.

    It is evident that if we are subjected to a dozen or so toxins that studies are very difficult to control and get results.

    An example of such difficulty was with almost any study on organophosphorus compounds where workers are compared with office workers in the same establishment.

    A low level exposure to vapours may actually cause one to accept that working sith tons of the stuff is actually healthier than inhaling it a few yeards further away.

    Clearly research that has to be seen to be believed is publishable material.

    Here we can have the dead body effect where such workers are eliminated as they dont complete the questionnaires for the research. Sounds mad but is actually fact.

    Science can turn out any result it wants and often as with Tom Verstraeten on mercury vaccines and autism can, given time convert a known human neurotoxin into an autism preventing medicine. And we pretend his early non published work was flawed and that published showing protection for the infant from mercury vaccines is FACT.

    Anyone denying mercury harm must be foolish or with an agenda.

    Tom of course famously opted out of the mercury arguments when a top management job came along from his home based vaccine company.

    While all this is naturally career development, the case of Sir Professor Richard Doll and his 1 500 pounds a day from an organophosphorus manufacturer for several decades is as said by his buddy just normal business practice for scientist looking after our and the next generations safety?

    Simlar strange goings on can be seen in the mercury world, were researchers spent their lives looking at neurotoxic effects only to fail to see them when paid quite small sums of money to review the mercury literature after the 1999 discovery of mercury in vaccines at day one for babies in the previous 8 years or so. I hesitate to name them as I take them as possibly honest but misguided in their retirement.

    Sadly it seems scientists are very prone to providing the very results their paymasters require and for the lucky few (villains?) this can top the million mark.

    And again there cases closer to home where the studies have been on vaccines, mercury and autism and mysteriously after many years on the run they still enjoy liberty and even freedom from judicial process.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 26, 2015 at 18:53 #

      “Anyone denying mercury harm must be foolish or with an agenda.”

      Anyone claiming that mercury in vaccines is behind the rise in autism rates must be foolish or have an agenda. Or both.

      • Lawrence January 26, 2015 at 19:39 #

        I really couldn’t make much out of that last comment by Mr. Fryer – is he getting more incoherent the more he posts?

  8. Brian Deer January 26, 2015 at 22:04 #

    Funny how it was the American Academy of Pediatrics and the public health service doctors who first raised concerns about the possibility that thimerosal might be a risk.

  9. Tamara Watson January 27, 2015 at 07:38 #

    The article is very nice and a simple internet user can research by using Google trends. Every one gives example of many scientific study, but you can check it live through Google trend, though we need to find the cure of autism.

    Autism can’t be cured as it is strongly genetic but we can redduce the symptoms by using different behavioral and language interventions. Hyperbaric medicine is becoming popular enough and is reported as an effective one in Wall Street Journal article by many parents having autistic children.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 27, 2015 at 18:05 #

      Hyperbaric oxygen so far has not been shown to do anything. One study–by a team that includes those very favorable to alternative treatments–showed no benefit.

      Popular is not the same as effective. The Wall Street Journal is not a medical journal and I’d be interested to see this article to see if you are recalling it correctly.

      I see that your webpage is an advertisement for HBOT. Aside from advertising revenue, do you profit from the sale or use of HBOT? What do you say to the practitioners who claim that a simple oxygen mask, delivering a higher partial pressure of oxygen at a much cheaper cost, doesn’t work, but supposedly time in an HBOT chamber does?

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 27, 2015 at 18:07 #

      I also note that your website uses the old “scare people about vaccines then sell a treatment” approach, including citing Mark and David Geier’s work on thimerosal.

      That’s raises huge red flags for me. Basically, your site looks like someone scamming the autism community to me.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 27, 2015 at 18:09 #

      Lastly, you comment is spam. “Here’s a statement that’s shows I read the article, now here’s an ad for my services”. Odd that you move straight from “we need to find a cure of autism” into “autism can’t be cured”.

  10. John Fryer January 27, 2015 at 09:24 #


    What I am trying to do is to ask that we restart if you like at zero for autism and put downthe childish yes it is no it isnt that separates those who work on this issue from those who just accept their nations opinions as the TRUTH.

    It cant be repeated too much that mention of Andrew Wakefield and Brian Deer (thank you for your contributions here Brian) brings up the impossible divide but does indicate in both people a desire to seek out truth.

    In seeking out truth yes there may be agendas, yes there may be incoherence and as someone said there are FLAWS.

    Nobody yet has the definitive answer to autism; but as autism inveitably climbs, creeps and gets more numerous, the need, as for flipper babies is critical to halt first then force the disorder into decline.

    Looking at causes such as mercury and then either standing by them or condemning the hypothesis as stupid gets nobody anywhere.

    I take exception that blanket statements like Kirby’s book is flawed are correct. I didnt write a book on mercury though undoubtedly more qualified in some respects to do so. To write an authoritative book requires first money, secondly contacts preferably first hand and abiltiy. Ability to sift through a minefield of information, sort out what is relevant and present a book which though highly specialised will sell.

    I think the book is excellent but at 2003 is now hopelessly out of date. But from Page 163 and condensing greatly we see

    In 2001 the National Institute for Environmental Health Services updated its statement on thimerosal toxcity.

    It speaks of liquid stoools, deafness, gastrointestinal irritation etc etc etc.

    It mentions early signs of thimerosal poisoning such as loss of speech, writng, gait, difficulty understanding speech, bad temper etc etc etc.

    This is not a description of autism.

    This is a USA agencies view on thimerosal as a toxic chemical and its varied actions on humans.

    The book is actually so full of information itis difficult for ordinary people to take it all in.

    And yes we know a thousand and one other toxic chemicals might do the very same thing.

    And the very same chemical could come from a variety of sources.

    Nobody is pushing methyl mercury compounds into the environment. Well they are present in thimerosal as impurities but living organisms convert any form of mercury into eventually methyl based mercury moities. This could include changing ethyl mercury to methyl mercury?

    My book is a first edition and first editions are often completely better when revised. Mt teaching days included a standard text on biology which I personally found flawed. When new editions came out the criticisms were gone and it became the standard school text for biology and may still be so today in the UK?

    Most books are sold openly in book shops. For some reason the only copy Icould manage to get was from a specialist supplier of books on autism.

    Was there some censorship in public book shops for this and other books?

    I do remember a nationwide ban on one controversial spy book where you could actually face criminal charges for possession.

    A strange state of affairs for advanced nations today?

    The 70 million is the work and output of the WHO and the UN and not my view except that I want to know at what level do we say enough is enough?

    Even without knowing any cause it is self evident that increasesin pollution on a massive and wide front are destroying our next generations health and this is slowly but surely now being exported to the less developed nations where an autism diagnosis while not a death sentence is virtual imprisonent, poverty and suffering for people already trying to get out of the very same position of being by definition behind the wealth, health and ambitions of those more fortunate to be born in USA, UK et al.

    Instead of knocking the faults in others why not take the positives and move forward together.

    I firmly believe all parties are in favour of bettering the lot of children with autism and even eliminating it as a 20 &nd 21st century blip in national health?

    Eterbal wrangling makes no sense and to rake over the 16 year old bones of Andrew Wakefield is more paleolithic than the recommended diet to avoid autism almost?

    Surely we all agree his idea of a single measles vaccines today for those in fear of measles might just be a tad better than vaccines with mutagenic live rubella as an extra kick in the combination jabs? Or is this adding fuel to a fire out of control?

  11. John Fryer January 27, 2015 at 09:51 #

    The graph to show almost zero interest ever in mercury linked to autism is all telling.

    Intense arguments both here and in the opposition camps (SAFE MINDS?) have it seemed had ZERO impact on a world where today there are arguably or not 70 million current sufferers of autism and therefore at least 50 million more than ever faced in the history of the world.

    Pinks disease was accepted by some as having a mercury cause and like everything in science you never can convince everyone.

    Reading through old BMJ papers I came across an article circa 1876 or so or 75 years before general acceptance of mercury causation of harm. It described the sudden death to various children and a strange link to teething powders. At the time the formulation was secret. Chemical analysis revealed mercury in the powder but added that no toxic chemical coud be discovered. So in 1876 knowing teething powders had been linked to sudden death and knowing from analysis that mercury was in them it was dismissed as a possible cause.

    Is history repeating itself today?

    Another extract from that not so flawed book

    Page 160 Studies in 1980’s Russia condemned the use of mercury vaccines. It added this corallary “especially those intended for children is INADMISSABLE.

    Reference number 129 A T Kravchenko Evaluation of Toxic Action etc etc in a Russian scientific journal for 1983

    An unsubstantiated claim is made in the book that the west was UNAWARE of this until co helpers with the book obtained a translation.

    Whether the west knew or believed can be summed up by the introduction in 1991 of mercury vaccines for the one day infant. A practice that continued in USA for almost the entire decade and ten to twenty years after warnings of such use and the consequences not just from Russia but from many European countries.

    Mercury may have zero impact for the public but this doesnt correlate with zero issues for peoples or the planets good health.

    Non correlation does not mean non causation

  12. Eric January 28, 2015 at 21:52 #

    I work for a website that summarizes and simplifies scientific studies on different autism therapies. Totally support what you’re doing to support research-backed information and would love to get in touch! Let me know what works!

  13. John Fryer February 1, 2015 at 22:50 #

    Hi Mercury not forgotten

    On France TV 5 this evening was a production Galaxie Presse 2015 emission entitled

    Alerte au Mercure

    This programme went through current and past knowledge of mercury and did a spot check on the exposure to mercury by the average person in France.

    Past experience here eads to strong suspicions that mercury has a role in causing Alzheimer Disease and Multiple Sclerosis (sclerose en Palaque).

    People still have medical thermometers with mercury (now out of production) and the problem is described as an invisible toxic exposure.

    Mercury is still allowed in many products with no compulsion to labelits presence.

    The harm from mercury was known from antiquity with dire warnings from Pliny for example.

    In 2007 the WHO listed mercury as one of th emost dangerous substances we are exposed to.

    Measurement of all kinds of fish showed it present in all with most concern in tuna fish which finds huge sales worldwide.

    Various industrial exposures were noted and notably that from coal power stations, incineration of all kinds in fact.

    Most of the programme was devoted to the dental issue and France uses 17 tons of mercury every year compared for example to Norway which uses zero tons for dental work.

    A simple device can immediately measure mercury present in our mouths when they contain dental amalgams. Authority tells us the problem is not there. Journalists with their device found different.

    A limit of 1 is the reference for good health and mouths with mercury fillings gave reading of at least 7 rising to 60 (micrograms per cubic metre). After chewing for example all the readings increased dramatically from levels already far over that recommended. For example the person with 4 amalgams and a reading of 7 went to 47 after chewing. The closeness of the mouth to the brain was mentioned.

    Not everyone will respond the same to mercury and those that are bad eliminators are at higher risks for harm.

    Two people were chosen to exaine further and one had the beginnings of Alzheimer Disease. After chelation the douleur (pain) went down and also the ability to remember was recovered.

    One patient was a teenage girl who had mercury filling at least 8 years before she experienced health issues. Again chelation helped.

    In France the only centre for chelating mercury is at Orleans and just one doctor who took the trouble to get trained in another European country that uses this to remove mercury.

    One useful warning is the mercury present in modern lights and the dire warning NOT to use a vacuum cleaner under any circumstances to clean the mess up.

    Here again it was discovered a simple broken ampoule (light bulb) will cause zero readings to go way over the reference levels and rest there for days unless proper cleaning is undertaken.

    Interesting that mercury claimed to be safe in our mouths is totally ILLEGAL to dispose of inthe normal way when taken out of th emouths of those who no longer want it in them (eg the teenage girl above who was previously ill);

    The authorities REFUSED to discuss the matter as did most involved in its use. One person did claim it was a fuss over nothing but was totally unconvincing and after a blank denial simply refused to discuss the matter further.

    It is upsetting that journalists can actually give the impression they are more knowledgable in such matters than experts except it seems there was a vacuum of anyone who could assure us why France still insists on mercury dental treatments.

    The claim of the defender amounted to the fact that if we didnt have mercury the poor would have no proper dental care. Reminiscent of previous political statements where the direct statement was PAUVRE CONS implying the poor are it seems as far as mercury concerned totally EXPENDABLE.

    Most people today will insist on plastic fillings which even at four times the cost are a better bet than a strong suspicion you may be subject to higher risks for illness in the distant future.

    A programme all concerned with their health and mercury should try to watch.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) February 3, 2015 at 01:03 #

      There are many places online to discuss mercury.

      This is an autism focused site.

  14. John Fryer February 3, 2015 at 22:53 #

    Hi Matt

    The topic is mercury and autism.

    Without getting into controversial areas the emission was first class in how to locate harm from mercury and even how to get meaningful measurements.

    I have to admit to not knowing how easy it was to measure mercury in 2014 and surely the basis for further research?

    Has anyone looked at mercury vapour in parents mouths and subsequent autism?

    Has anyone linked Alzheimers Disease strongly linked to mercury and that of autism for the young person?

    There are distrubring similarities?

    Is th eautism in Norway comparable to that in France, UK and USA that use mercury amalgams.

    I dont know the answers but am aware that the ancients and not just Pliny always claimed back then that mercury exposure takes away you mind.

    Evidently if mercury is related then a start date of 1943 would be fallacious?

    The continued use of mercury when harm has always been known is hardly that of an educated society?

    Society it seems does work on profit rather than good health?

    I beleive there is a good 50 per cent correlation of the film to this topic and many think the link is there if you accept that authority does accept lead as leading to autism.

    I would like to see all causes for autism to be discovered and very happy to allow mercury to put away as a cause but lets have that based on fact and not hope.

    Everyone is aware of the University of Calgary film of what mercury does to our neurons for example? Rather old but very useful to those who have missed this short film.

    Mercury is also a catalyst so a little bit goes a very long way in causing harm.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) February 3, 2015 at 23:59 #

      “The topic is mercury and autism.”

      Not the topic of many of your comments. And your comments on autism and mercury have been discussed over and over.

      Autism does not look like mercury poisoning. One can read experts discuss this in the Autism Omnibus proceeding (the vaccine court). Experts Jeffrey Brent and Patricia Rodier took this on quite well

      Numerous studies have shown no increased risk of autism with mercury exposure from vaccines.

      Mostly, mercury was removed from infant vaccines and autism rates have not declined. Nor has the upward trend even leveled off. California has not only mandated infant vaccines be thimerosal free, but also influenza vaccines and vaccines for pregnant women. And here in California, autism rates (measured by clients in the Department of Developmental Services and Special Ed registers) have continued to climb.

      So, go ahead and talk about almalgams (infants don’t have them) and Alzeheimer’s and whatever other old arguments you have. The primary arguments for the mercury hypothesis were (a) autism looks like mercury poisoning and (b) autism rates increased with increasing exposure from infant vaccines. Both (a) and (b) have been covered above.

      Find somewhere else to discuss mercury.

  15. John Fryer February 4, 2015 at 10:32 #

    Hi Matt

    You expose a very thin veneer.

    You make a statement about links between mercury and autism and then close your mind to evidence.

    Are you saying that Alzheimer and loss of speech is nothing ike the same loss of speech by serious autism sufferers?

    Thats nonsense.

    And any study that proves a negative is proving nothing;

    As a scientist the only research which progresses is that with positive findings.

    It took 100 years to pin down Pinks Disease in 1948 after the use of mercury in teething powders started in 1820 or so.

    A finding of mercury and deaths only resulted around 1875 in recognising that mercury was in the stuff and that was fine as it was used everywhere in medicine.

    Mercury isnt just in vaccines but is omnipresent mainly from industrial and dental use and not vaccines.

    Having said that there is research to show large elevations in babies mercury levels after their first vaccines.

    And that puts them over the top on the reference level of the EPA the strictest of all the accepted authorities on mercury harm.

    And peer reviewed work shows loss of speech in case studies ie where you look at what exposures and what results.

    If you put that person in a large study he or she would get lost in a neutral result.

    Mercury has no place in society and certainly not even in 6 month infant vaccines as at present.

    Why was it removed form the one day infant vaccine schedule.

    Not because of harm by the deniers of mercury toxicity.

    You can take a horse to water but you cant make them drink.

    I am out of this discussion as I get met with the usual denials and absolutely no idea of using fact, science or even a desire to stop the inevitable rise in sufferers.

    Methylmercury doesnt magically arrive in fish.

    It gets there because of mans pollution with mercury from all sources and continues despite the threefold reduction helped by countries that coincidently have less autism than those that continue to use it.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) February 5, 2015 at 02:40 #

      “You make a statement about links between mercury and autism and then close your mind to evidence.”

      When did I make a statement about a link between mercury and autism? I made statements about a lack of a link. I’ve been looking seriously at the data and studies for a decade now. And still do. And you claim I have “closed my mind to the evidence”.

      I put it to you that you have closed your mind to the evidence I have put before you. That I have refuted your claims and the best you can do is throw out claims that I am closed minded.

      “And any study that proves a negative is proving nothing;”

      Really? So when it was shown that autism is not caused by “refrigerator mothers” it proved nothing? Clearly not.

      “Mercury has no place in society and certainly not even in 6 month infant vaccines as at present.”

      And it isn’t in any infant vaccines, including influenza, in my state. And it isn’t given to pregnant women. And yet here in California, the rates of reported autism continue to rise (one can check special education data and the CDDS data, as I’ve presented here on this site).

      “You can take a horse to water but you cant make them drink.

      I am out of this discussion ”

      Do you see the irony in your statements? I’ve responded respectfully and substantively to your statements and you will not engage. Instead you tell me I am closed minded and you are leaving.


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