Shannon Rosa: Don’t Use My Autistic Son as a Reason Not to Vaccinate

10 Feb

Shannon Rosa is one of the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism team. Her son Leo is extremely cool, and is autistic. The has a great perspective on the autism/vaccine question in that she initially believed the idea.

She was interviewed by The Stir in December and that interview is well worth reading: Don’t Use My Autistic Son as a Reason Not to Vaccinate

Here is the introduction from that interview (the full interview is at The Stir)

Shannon Des Roches Rosa isn’t the sort of woman you’d expect to see on Capitol Hill, advocating for vaccines for children. After all, when Rosa’s son Leo was diagnosed with autism in 2003, the California mom swore off immunizing her kids. Her youngest child, India, was 3 by the time she was vaccinated. And yet, today, at 10 India is fully vaccinated, as is Leo and Rosa’s older daughter, Zelly.

Rosa is the mother of an autistic child who came around to the safety of vaccines. And after allowing fear to rule her life for four years, she’s become a vocal advocate for life-saving immunizations, working with the United Nations’ Shot @Life campaign, Voices for Vaccines and other organizations to spread the word about vaccine safety.

As mother of an autistic child, the editor of Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism says she feels it’s her “ethical duty” to speak out on the behalf of vaccines … and her son.

Rosa spoke to The Stir from her California home about why she vaccinates … and why she refuses to let her son be used as a fear tactic in the war against vaccines.

The rest can be found at Don’t Use My Autistic Son as a Reason Not to Vaccinate

By Matt Carey

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