With this quick message, you can help push for better services in California

28 May

As noted in yesterday’s article, we here in California are working to gain back some of the lost ground in services for the developmentally disabled.

If you follow the link and spend literally 2 minutes or less, you can send the message below to your legislators. You can also take more time and modify the message to your own unique message.

Take the time and be heard.

Here’s the message sent for me, with my address and phone number redacted:

Message text follows:

Matthew Carey

May 27, 2015

[recipient address was inserted here]

Dear [recipient name was inserted here],

Please speak out urgently in your party caucus for the Assembly version of
funding for developmental disability community services — but starting
the funding on July 1. The system is collapsing, and more programs will
close without a rescue in 2015.

The Assembly version is preferable to the Senate version because it is an
across-the-board increase. This is vital because the entire interlinked
service system is endangered when any part fails.

And please support the Senate language to develop a realistic rate system
based on services’ actual costs, and to help fund the community services
by using the future years’ savings from closing the obsolete developmental

Thank you for all your efforts to save the services people with
developmental disabilities need, and for your continuing support now – no
matter what Governor Brown says.


Matthew Carey
[phone number]

Dear Policymaker — This constituient sent you the above message via The
Arc and United Cerebal Palsy of California, a coalition of people with
developmental disabilities and their families, friends, volunteer
advocates, and service providers.

One Response to “With this quick message, you can help push for better services in California”

  1. Shannon Rosa May 28, 2015 at 17:59 #

    Done, and word spread. Thank you for making this easy.

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