Yes, we still need action to hep save community services

3 Aug

I was on vacation for a while and wasn’t keeping up with the action alerts. But they are still coming. In case you don’t know what these alerts are about: we in California are fighting to restore funding for services in our disability community. It’s easy, it’s fast (even faster than before). Click this link.

I know it seems like the same thing over and over. And if we don’t do this, we get the same thing over and over: decreasing services levels.

It’s fast and easy. If you want more details, here’s the letter I got for this action:

Dear Friends,
I got some constructive criticism last week. Among other things, one of you said my last Action Alert had so much for people to do that it made her tired just to read it.
I know what tired feels like. Trust me on this. So if you feel that way but still want to help our community, here’s a step that’s about as quick and easy as it gets. If you haven’t emailed your state legislators this month, click here to email them now.
Believe it or not, emails – if we generate enough of them – sometimes really do make a difference. We’re doing well generating emails to legislators this month, but we need more.
If that’s all the energy you have, stop here. And thank you for your advocacy.
For others who have more energy, or who get energized by sending the easy emails, here are three more things you can do:
1.    Call your state senator’s and assembly member’s offices and ask for appointments during the legislative recess that ends August 17 to ask their help with saving our developmental services. Here’s how to find them. Even if you don’t get an appointment, their schedulers will tell them that you asked and why, and that alone will help keep their attention. And you certainly will be able to talk to with a staffer in person or on the phone.
2.    Ask your legislators’ offices if they have any town halls or other public events coming up. If so, go to one, take some friends, and talk to them there.
3.    Check the Lanterman Coalition site later this month or in early August to find out when and where the rallies around the state will be. Plan on going if you can. If you’re feeling isolated and maybe discouraged, going to a rally should help you a lot with that. If you’re a self-advocate or family member and can’t get there on your own, talk to your community service provider about getting rides for you and others from our community. Your provider may be feeling tired or discouraged, too, and talking to you could be good for them as well as you and our whole community.
And what can you say when you talk to a legislator or their staff? Start by telling them why your care. Speak from the heart. Ask them to coauthor the bill to provide the funding needed to stop the system collapse – it’s SBx2-1 by Senators Jim Beall, Bill Monning, and Fran Pavley. If you want more talking points from the perspectives of self-advocates, families, and other stakeholders in the developmental services system, here they are.
Simple enough?
Thank you for your advocacy.

3 Responses to “Yes, we still need action to hep save community services”

  1. Chris August 4, 2015 at 03:42 #

    Good luck. I am working my way through our state’s system to get services for our son. Right now I just finished the second draft of a “Special Needs Letter of Intent.” Then I have to fill our a sheet with all our assets before I get an appointment with a lawyer for a Special Needs Trust.

    Fun times.

  2. Science Mom August 5, 2015 at 19:58 #

    Funny how a fraction of the parent community can’t be arsed to be active in this because they are too busy trying to gather signatures and raise funds to repeal SB277 and recall Dr. Pan.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) August 6, 2015 at 18:43 #

      Frustrating is more the word I use.

      We watch active members of our community get recruited to march in red shirts opposing a bill that has nothing to do with bettering the lives of autistics. But when it comes to lobbying for better services, they won’t even spend 20seconds to send an email through a web link.

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