Thank you and farewell, Mel

12 Apr

Mel Baggs has passed on. Many may remember the name Amanda Baggs, same person. There is so much one could write about the impact that Mel had on the autism communities and the disability communities and humanity in general. I will not express the sadness I feel, but I want to write about two areas where Mel made a lasting change in my life.

Mel faced intense attacks over the years. Attacks that were mean, cruel, dishonest and worse. But Mel didn’t become mean in response. It was true leadership by example. Mel stayed advocating.

Mel found a partner in life. If memory serves, being together took a fight. My kid was very young then, but Mel helped me to see the future and to see my kid as a full human, not a perpetual infant. Helped me to plan for a time when I might need to fight for my kid’s rights to be a disabled adult. Adult.

I know these are brief comments. But make no mistake, these were powerful and important influences on my life.

I’ll miss you Mel.

Thank you Mel.

By Matt Carey

One Response to “Thank you and farewell, Mel”

  1. Kathryn April 12, 2020 at 21:18 #

    Mel’s life was indeed an example of a life that was lived well despite being different than most people can imagine. May Mel’s memory be as a blessing.

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