So Anti Vaccine Crowd, how did that campaign for Trump thing work out for you?

12 Sep

In 2016 the anti vaccine community was very excited to have a candidate who lent them credibility. They always crave credibility and will latch on to anyone who does so. Think Robert Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, Andrew Wakefield, the whole raft of charlatans that any reasonable movement would cut loose. But in 2016 they had Donald Trump, who evolved from dark horse candidate to Republican nominee to president.

Donald Trump had tweeted the vaccines cause autism lie:

Trump lies about vaccines to get attention

Trump lies about vaccines to get attention

And had made other comments about autism and vaccines.

By this time most people understood Donald Trump. He’s a shameless self promoter who likes to take controversial positions to get attention (birther conspiracy, anyone? He even revisited birtherism with Kamala Harris).

Being a conspiracy theorist wouldn’t alienate Trump from the anti-vaccine community. Far from it. Just as they deny their own conspiracy theory roots, they will look past this in Trump. And being a loud mouth who is often wrong? Well, that sums up JB Handley to a T.

Trump flirted with the anti-vaccine movement and the anti-vaccine movement fell in love. JB Handley (anti-vaccine activist who uses his position as an autism parent in his campaign) wrote an article: Trumps Stands with my Son, I Stand with Trump with comments like “If ending the Autism epidemic is your top priority, how in the world can you vote Democrat? rel=’nofollow'”.

Let’s leave aside that the “autism is an epidemic caused by vaccines” is doubly wrong. Many of us responded at the time: if having respect for people with disabilities (such as your son, Brad) were any sort of priority, how could you vote for Trump? Trump clearly doesn’t respect people with disabilities. For example:

Why would an autism parent support this?

Why would an autism parent support this?

That said, JB Handley and many others in the anti-vaccine movement (including other autism parents) clearly don’t respect people with disabilities. Remember when Del Bigtree compared autistics to dogs and exotic chimpanzees while autism parents Mark Blaxill and Ginger Taylor laughed?

Many of us autism parents prioritize our kids and the autistic community in general. We feel that respect and rights for people with disabilities is a paramount issue. And Trump had no disability plans in his platform. But the anti-vaccine movement, even the autism parents, do not place such a high value on respect for people with disabilities. In fact, they disparage it as trying to “normalize” disability (I got a hint for you all–disability *is* a normal part of being human).

Here we are 4 years later. Donald Trump not only hasn’t taken up the anti vaccine banner, hasn’t taken up the “autism is a vaccine induced epidemic!” campaign, he’s now throwing money into the development of new vaccines and actively trying to get the vaccines to market before they can complete safety and efficacy testing.

Instead of “draining the swamp”, he’s pressuring the CDC and the FDA to become part of his political machine, where independent science isn’t reported but rather science-like support for Trump’s messaging are allowed.

The irony is thick. The anti-vaccine movement got the exact opposite of what they hoped for.

So I wonder what they are thinking now. How much do they know that they were played? And do they care that they were played?

I haven’t done much digging on this, but I did run across this from “you are so charming Del, I’ll laugh at your autistics-as-dogs remark” Ginger Taylor:

Yeah, she’s on to Trump. But she still backs him.

It’s rare for the anti-vaccine movement to admit even this much of a mistake (JB Handley, for example is very much in the Trump mold. Including the ‘never apologize, never admit mistakes’.)

I do wonder if somewhere, hidden from view, there have been discussions of “well, we were played by Trump” among the anti-vaccine community.

By Matt Carey

6 Responses to “So Anti Vaccine Crowd, how did that campaign for Trump thing work out for you?”

  1. Dorit Reiss September 12, 2020 at 20:12 #

    I especially wonder how those of the anti-vaccine activists that are not either racist or comfortable with racists (as many of them appear to be) feel about supporting a racist administration that didn’t even stick with them over this.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 12, 2020 at 23:10 #

      They probably go along with the trope that it’s the democrats who are the real racists. That the democrats want to keep non white people dependent on the state. Sadly, I’ve seen that among people I once respected.

  2. Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 12, 2020 at 23:40 #

    Here are David Kirby and Maurine Meleck on Trump the vaccine promoter

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 13, 2020 at 00:12 #

      Kirby again.

  3. wzrd1 September 14, 2020 at 01:08 #

    Donald Trump has a rather unconventional method of draining the swamp. Where most would remove the water, Trump drains the swamp by pumping in raw sewage.


  1. Looking back 4 years: the rise of Trump, aided by faux autism advocates. I won’t be quiet again. | Left Brain Right Brain - September 29, 2020

    […] Anti vaccine autism parents long ago showed us their priorities: attacking vaccines. They demonize autistics, playing them up as burdens and worse. Their children’s disability is a weapon in their war against vaccines. Ironically, this group which fights efforts to bring acceptance to people with disabilities crave, absolutely crave acceptance for their views against vaccines. So it wasn’t surprising that they’d support Donald Trump, a man who had tweeted about the vaccines-cause-autism lie (So Anti Vaccine Crowd, how did that campaign for Trump thing work out for you?) […]

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