YouTube gives Del Bigtree the boot…about 4 years too late

4 Aug

Del Bigtree was a mediocrity who found he could gather a following (and make money) by joining the anti-vaccine bandwagon. He was a minor producer for the daytime TV show “The Doctors” before he quit to join Andrew Wakefield’s team creating the fake documentary “Vaxxed”. If you’ve forgotten Del (or never knew who he was), we discussed him and his efforts a great deal during time Vaxxed was being shown. Since then he’s grown his online presence, spreading conspiracy theories, anti-vaccine messages and general bad medical information.

For years Mr. Bigtree has supported demeaning messages about autistic people. For example, he likened autistic children to dogs or “exotic chimpanzees” (while anti vaccine activists Mark Blaxill and Ginger Taylor laughed). He never had the backbone to stand up to the people selling fake–and often abusive–autism “cures”.

He’s been a disaster or the autism communities. We are worse off for his attention.

But YouTube didn’t do anything about that. He was only damaging a small population.

Now we are in the world of COVID-19. A deadly disease. It should come as no surprise that Del moved into spreading misinformation about the pandemic. How better to grow his business? Gather donor/followers and make more money? And he has messages already prepared: fear vaccines, fear expert (except him*)

Yes, Mr. Bigtree has moved into giving people advice that COVID-19 is no problem. I’ve heard he went so far as to recommend people go out and get infected.

So, now Mr. Bigtree is a danger to the general population. To be more precise, he’s more of a danger. His anti-vaccine views have always posed a threat to the general population. But now the threat is immediate.

And now he’s off YouTube.

Mr Bigtree and his community are quick to claim that they suffer. Oh, let’s be honest, people like him love to be singled out. They love to claim that they are so important that the big powers are focused on them (why did it take so damned long if you are so important?). They love to play up the “I struggle to bring you the truth” message. In the end YouTube is a company, a company that both profited from Mr. Bigtree’s videos and (almost certainly) paid Mr. Bigtree based on views. YouTube was well within its rights to remove his misinformation. I’d argue strongly they had a duty to do so. YouTube shouldn’t be making money off efforts that lead to injury or death. They shouldn’t be paying someone to spread that information. And they have no obligation to provide Del Bigtree with a free platform to do so.

For those who have forgotten Mr. Bigtree (or never heard of him), he describes himself glowingly on his website. Here’s the final paragraph of his “Who is Del” blurb:

But Del is probably best known for his powerful speeches that weave shocking truth, searing wit and dynamic passion into an experience that is often described as electrifying.

Here is electrifying Del’s dynamic passion (or is it searing wit?):

By Matt Carey

* There are people who study medicine and infectious diseases. There are washed out musical theater actors (such as Mr Bigtree). The choice is obvious.

11 Responses to “YouTube gives Del Bigtree the boot…about 4 years too late”

  1. Paul Wady August 5, 2020 at 10:42 #

    Wakefield’s ‘Dr. Goebell’s’ appeared from nowhere, complete with extraordinary charisma and borderline psychotic eyes and presence when addressing audiences. Until then he had just had Polly Tommey, an ex actress. What really tipped me off was his ability to address a Nation of Islam meeting as if it were his children’s school assembly.

    Thank fully some commentators on here who are US based (I am now) found out that his parents were both preachers. Further that they all shared the belief that vaccines were not made by God etc. Yes, he seems to be on a mission from God…

    Bigtree has been making some hilariously disturbing and 100% certain statements on behalf of Wakefield ever since, who sands beside him one alpha male with another. Two very powerfully built men that I personally may have encountered in Chicago this year. Sadly Covid prevented my friends and I flying over to protest the bizarre Autism One conference. But were were really going to go.

    My piece on the Paranoid Medical Science Fiction Conspiracy Theory film Vaxxed mentions Bigtree but not the information I went on to find out. It was quite clear something very odd was going on. Now I am making a case for Biological Terrorism. Yes that is right. Consider what he is doing and it’s only outcome?

    You can find my piece here:

    I personally protested the Vaxxed 2 film showing in London, start of this year. It was interesting to see what sorts of people swallowed what was going on. The venues maximum capacity was around 175? The 2016 Regents Park London venue used to show the first Vaxxed film reckoned they got 350 in.

    My friends and I noted clear evidence of cult behaviour. Bigtree would deny he’s a cult leader but I think he like Wakefield and Tommey, utterly qualify as such.

    Thank you for writing this piece. Now more than ever when the entire planet Earth has had to face the fact that our civilisation has been build on the basis of vaccination to allow people to congregate to travel, work and watch events. Now when we cry out for a vaccine to let us go back to ‘normal’. Now only a few months after the time when we carried on as he have for over a century. Now, Bigtree talks rubbish. We know there are people out there stupid enough to believe him. People who may not be with us as long as they think they will be. Or their children.

    • Thomas Morse September 4, 2020 at 06:24 #

      OK. I will bite. What cultic behaviors did you and your friends observe? It is simply not enough to claim that you observed behaviors without bothering to indicate what those behaviors were. Doing so is slander and insinuation, rather than actually making a persuasive or cogent case.

      Our civilization is absolutely not “built” on vaccines. Our civilization is built on modern sanitation, on petroleum, on technology, on the scientific method, and on an elaborate transportation and trade network tied to global banking. All of these modern innovations were firmly in place long before the advent of vaccines, or even of antibiotics.

      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 12, 2020 at 18:52 #

        Vaccines go back to the 1700’s. Pre petroleum and technology.

  2. louveha August 5, 2020 at 11:07 #

    Regarding the Youtube money, the CCDH tried to estimate it in their recent report “The Anti-Vaxx Industry”.

    • Dorit Rubinstein Reiss August 5, 2020 at 22:35 #

      Thank you, I’ll look for this!

  3. jennifer sacron September 9, 2020 at 03:23 #

    I think YOU are a dangerous person for posting this article… there are certainly people in the world who know the truth and try to get it out.. why do you think there are so many whistleblowers? bc honest, good people find out the truth and can no longer do honest work for companies like the CDC and big pharma. You go get the vaccine for cover and let me know how it treats YOU!

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 12, 2020 at 18:51 #

      I get it. You’ve been scammed by Del and are now promoting for him.

      What whistleblowers?

      Honest hardworking people develop and make vaccines.

      I will get the vaccine for COVID, as long as it actually goes through appropriate safety studies. Unlike what Trump (whom Del Bigtree backs) is pushing for. Ironic that, eh? You support the side that is actually trying to corrupt vaccine science.

  4. Riley Malcolm September 18, 2020 at 04:22 #

    Wow, someone high up has sunk their teeth in you, haven’t they? You know what I find disturbing, the slew of suppressive articles featured on this propaganda machine. I like to think and discover for myself, and I find the current “leaders”, as well as all their media pawns who knowingly dissuade the people from discovering the truth about many, many realities in this world to be truly horrifying, immoral, corrupt, shameless, and unethical playthings who act out and publish and seemingly hold whatever values they are told in order to make a quick buck and probably save themselves from the horrible fate many whistle-blowers endure: death.

    The reality is, people like “A-list” celebrities, high profile politicians and big-whig physicians are incredibly out of touch, and must be, lest they face the profound consequences of their doings.

    Honest and hardworking people endure the ramifications of the widespread and rampant suppression of valuable information, one of which being ignorance. It takes someone who truly marches to the beat of their own drum to even WANT to discover the truth. Then they take on the journey, face a lot of uncertainty along the way, but discover so much that is so valuable in the process.

    It is strange to realize this, certainly turns your view of the world upside-down, but a lot of people are followers to varying degrees, and many are out of touch with themselves, especially given all the lowly influences in this world (television, “entertainment”, prescription drugs, lifeless and toxic food, etc.). People who are out of touch fail to see the signs. Those who follow their gut sense something is askew, and go with it. I started to notice something was wrong when I had serious health issues (Crohn’s’), and took medication that only made me feel worse, and never healed me. I found actual, real healing (which they often tell you is “impossible”) in ayahuasca, yoga, and meditation. That’s when I learned that medical malpractice is just one of many ways the people are hindered from ever being whole. A healthy, valuable life is all about being whole.

    So no, after waking up to the lies of the medical industry, I do not trust the vaccines engendered for us. Furthermore, I realize that is not your everyday physician’s, nor nurse’s fault that they propagate falsities: they are ignorant themselves, and they system is stacked against them.

    The most valuable way to live is to live with love, authenticity, and truth in mind. Please seek these principles before you post another article like this. Please do the self-work, and refuse to be a part of the machine.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 18, 2020 at 17:33 #

      “Wow, someone high up has sunk their teeth in you, haven’t they? You know what I find disturbing, the slew of suppressive articles featured on this propaganda machine. ”

      You throw the word “suppressive” out while you clearly don’t understand it. A demonstration that you wish to discredit me personally rather than face the facts that I present.

      Del Bigtree is a charlatan. I watched his rise very closely. He lied constantly. I’ve documented it here. But you haven’t read those posts, have you? You just saw that I criticized your hero and you attacked.

      If you want to be a believer, go ahead. But I note you don’t make a single actual claim about what I wrote. Your comment is far less impressive than you appear to believe it is.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 18, 2020 at 17:49 #

      So let’s analyze your post. As it is basically the latest in a long line of the same message. In case that wasn’t clear, I’m pointing out that you are unoriginal. That followers of people like Bigtree follow patterns. They congratulate themselves for their originality, their “free thinking”, but their actions show the oppsosite.

      “as well as all their media pawns who knowingly dissuade the people from discovering the truth about many”

      So, I am not a “free thinker” like you see yourself. Got it. I am a “media pawn”

      “seemingly hold whatever values they are told in order to make a quick buck”

      I’m in it for the money. Got it. I’m on the take. A point you make with no supporting evidence. Other than I disagree with you, so clearly I’m on the take.

      “The reality is, people like “A-list” celebrities, high profile politicians and big-whig physicians are incredibly out of touch”

      Which is why a D-list celebrity like Del Bigtree is important? He’s “in touch”? (remember, Del was a failed musical theater actor before he became a very minor TV producer).

      “Honest and hardworking people”

      Yes, you represent the honest and hardworking people while I am a paid shill and media puppet. You are repeating yourself. More self agrandizement. That seems important to your movement: telling yourselves how important you are.

      “It takes someone who truly marches to the beat of their own drum to even WANT to discover the truth”

      See the above comment on self aggrandizement. Funny how you, who shows zero depth in this discussion, would stress wanting (all caps are another feature of your movement, by the way) to discover the truth. Rather than actually question whether Mr. Bigtree is a hero by reading the facts plainly put forth on this site, you just put out a very generalized discussion.

      ” but a lot of people are followers to varying degrees”

      As I am told by a person jumping to defend Del Bigtree. (that’s a statement of the irony of your comment, in case you missed it).

      And then we move into the “I had a medical condition (which no one can confirm) and now I’m cured (which no one can confirm), therefore Del is a great guy (based on no discussion of how he actually helped)”.

      ” I do not trust the vaccines engendered for us”

      And now we get to the point. You are anti vaccine. At this point you clutch your pearls and state that you don’t have to listen to me for calling you anti-vaccine. It’s a common cowardice of the movement.

      “The most valuable way to live is to live with love, authenticity, and truth in mind. Please seek these principles..”

      And now you call me a liar, inauthentic and a hater. You don’t come straight out and say it, so you can tell yourself you are a nice person. You also provide no evidence whatsoever to back up your insults.

      I see you are a student. I hope you learn how to actually analyze an opposing argument and write a refutation. You lack that skill as of now.

      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 18, 2020 at 17:50 #

        In case that last line wasn’t clear: your writing skills are poor. You are a bad writer. Yes, you can string sentences together and use proper grammar. But you lack the ability to use the tool (writing) to accomplish the task you set for yourself.

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