Did Jake Crosby close “Autism Investigated”?

25 Sep

There is/was a blog called “autism investigated”. If you are unaware of it, consider yourself lucky. It is/was a cesspool. Take one of the worst of the anti-vaccine bloggers (so bad that even the Age of Autism blog split with him), add a hefty level of misogyny, and then go full Trump supporter and you had Jake’s “autism investigated”.

As of now autisminvestigated.com website gives this:

As noted Jake became an ardent Trump supporter, in addition to his anti-science and anti-vaccine views. He also took on a very self-defeating view of why he was unsuccessful socially.

WaPo Wants Autistic Men to Fuck Even Less

What autists need to do is get over their extreme anxiety when it comes to women, not worsen it by worrying about make-believe “boundaries” established by feminists and “autistic” cuck reporters. It’s almost as if the author wants everyone else to be as dry as he is down there; he’s just picking autists as an easy target.

RESEARCH: Autistic Women More Likely To Be Dykes

And, let’s not forget how he characterized gender reassignment surgery as “genital mutilation” (allying with alt-right activist Milo Yiannopoulos)

Facebook Censors Milo Yiannopoulos For Condemning Transgender Genital Mutilation of Autistic People

Apparently he wasn’t alone in sabotaging his own desires to find female companionship. He seems to have allied with a former commenter on this blog (whom I had completely forgotten until I read this): Autism’s Gadfly on Why Nobody Wants to Fuck Us

It looks like his Facebook page is down as well. I hope Jake has indeed moved on. It would be great if he’s decided to analyze his efforts to date and move on. Unlikely, but it would be good for him.

By Matt Carey

4 Responses to “Did Jake Crosby close “Autism Investigated”?”

  1. mooncatadams September 26, 2020 at 09:12 #

    I recall hearing that Jake started a blog, but I never got around to reading it. That was the last I’d heard of him, and had forgotten about him. Not surprised he became a Trumper, that poor boy’s mind was TWISTED!

  2. Julian Frost September 26, 2020 at 21:27 #

    First Generation Rescue, and now Jake Crosby.
    I wonder if something big is going down.

  3. Brian Deer September 28, 2020 at 20:06 #

    Jake Crosby is evidently trying to hide the utterly despicable material he published at his website. Maybe he’s trying to get a job and knows that no employer would ever hire someone who produced the kind of material he’s responsible for.

    If anybody wants to see it, he can’t escape the Wayback machine.

    After the abuse I’ve had to put up with (Oh, sure, he’s been onto my publishers, like he gets onto employers of people he doesn’t like), I would certainly make sure anybody who hires him for anything apart from a restroom attendant learns about what a pig of a man they’ve got on their hands.

    Am I surprised Crosby was thrown out of the University of Texas?

    Just look on archive.org for autisminvestigated.com, and you’ll find him doxing people, including one family who I think he was lucky not to get sued by. He identified and held up for public humiliation an autistic guy who, as a child, was exploited by Andrew Wakefield. Crosby found and republished material concerning a traumatic incident the guy’s mother had been involved in. He even published the family’s telephone nummber so as to harrass them and encourage others to do the same..

    Then there was this barrage of foul abuse against anybody and everybody, manipulating purported documents. It was all just the most horrendous material. As you say a true cesspool.

  4. Kathleen Seidel August 12, 2021 at 18:28 #

    I’m nearly a year late to the party, but what the heck. Jake shut his blog down sometime between 9/23/2020 — the date of the last version of the blog archived on Archive.org that includes all of its execrable posts, the last dated 9/19/2020 — and 10/2/2020 — the first archived version of the blog with the “nothing to see here” message.

    Good riddance.

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