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When jobsworth's attack

10 Aug

Jobsworth: UK Slang.

It’s been a rough old time to be autistic or the parent of an autistic child just lately. You could get voted out of your classroom, or you could get thrown out of a restaurant, or for the extra special prize you could be one of some jackass DJ’s 99% of autistic kids who are faking it.

Now, not wanting to be left out, Quantas are having a go at being as obstructive and generally stupid as they possibly can to autistic people.

Three Waikato families are facing a bill of $33,000 after three dogs being brought to New Zealand to help autistic patients were banned from a Qantas flight in Los Angeles.

The families had spent two years raising funds to bring the dogs to New Zealand.

Sonya Ewens, whose six-year-old son Sloan got one of the dogs to help with his autism, said they were “devastated”, the Waikato Times reported today.

She said they were still raising the last $6000 for the original fare and the thought of another two years fundraising “is really too much.”

$33k of NZ dollars is US$23,248, CAN$24,809, UK£12,105 or €15,478. Whatever way you cut it, its a lot of money.

What is it about autism that seems to bring out the worst in people? Time and again we hear stories of people being downright cruel pretty much for no good reason. And then when the story breaks they all start a tasteless game of pass the buck. Quantas blame American Airlines blah blah blah….none of which is going to help these kids get their service dogs.

Quantas – be decent. Its money. Waive it.