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It’s new! It’s spam! It’s revitaPOP: The MB12 Lollipop

23 Jun

I just got a nice spam email from Stan Kurtz, inventor. See, he invented this lollipop with methyl B12 in it to cure…well…almost everything.

Actually, I am a bit confused on that point. I often am from claims in alternative medicine. You see, from his website, Mr. Kurtz states

MB12 is a very unique vitamin and deficiency can affect vision, intestinal function, the ability to protect against infections and toxins, nerve functioning, and DNA replication.

Dang, it protects against DNA replication!?! Does that sound, well, problematic to anyone else? (see comments below. I mis-read the above statement.)

On his website, Stan Kurtz himself tells us that:

What I can tell you is that MB12 truly changed my life. I suffered for years with irritable bowel symptoms, chronic viral infecitons and ADHD and after I took this product I felt better. Since then I’ve personally observed hundreds of people’s lives change through the supplementation of MB12.

You see, it doesn’t “treat” anything, but it changes your life if you have certain disorders. Also, mB12 is “involved in” a whole host of disorders. No direct claims that mB12 supplementation “treats” the disorders. Just a great big implication.

But, then there is the disclaimer. Always a disclaimer. Gotta have a disclaimer.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

No use spending a lot of time on the contradictory nature of claims made by people touting supplements. Mr. Kurtz didn’t invent this sort of doublespeak, and he won’t be the last to use it.

Still, I thought this “revitapop” thing was odd, so I checked a few things out. Like, Stan Kurtz’s otehr website which touts the benefits of MB12, but also states:

Stan has chosen not to sell or profit from the use of this vitamin.

I guess it depends on your definition of the word “sell” or “profit”? $35 for 30 lollipops sounds like there could be room in there for profit.

What also caught my eye was this: “* patent pending”. It caught my eye because I thought, “How can someone patent this?”

I can’t find the patent application for the lollipop version of MB12, but I did find the patent application for his MB12 nasal spray. Patent application US29012039A1.

Claim one of the patent describes the vast number of disorders that are “treated” with this nasal spray:

A method of treating a psychological or neurophysiological disorder, comprising nasally administering methylcobalamin, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, to a person in need of such treatment in an amount sufficient to treat the disorder in the person, wherein the disorder is selected from the group consisting of:attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, stress and chronic stress, socialization problems, mood problems, behavior problems, memory problems, dislexia, depth perception problems, color viewing problems, visual and auditory processing problems, light modulation problems, night vision problems, speech problems such as finding words, apraxia, and articulation problems, sleep regulation problems, eye or muscle movement problems, chronic fatigue problems, digestion problems, sensitivity to chemicals, viral infection, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia, asthma, irritable bowel, colitis, tinnitus, migraines, nail biting, and autoimmune problems.

Typical of alternative medical treatments–they treat everything. Always a warning sign, if you ask me. It is interesting to me that autism is not specifically mentioned in the patent. There must be a reason for that.

Is this really new, or novel, as they say in the patent business? It seems that that there is already a patent on nasal sprays to administer Vitamin B12, Vitamin B12 nasal spray and method of use. Filed in 2006, and it mentions mB12.

There is a phrase in patent law: obviousness. Taking one invention, say, mB12 nasal spray, adding it to another supposed invention, treating certain disorders claimed to respond to mB12 is, well, obvious. As they say, anyone “skilled in the art” would put those together.

Even if this doesn’t meet the definition of non obvious, I still think this patent has little chance of success. Consider this paragraph from the US Patent office:

In order for an invention to be patentable it must be new as defined in the patent law, which provides that an invention cannot be patented if: “(a) the invention was known or used by others in this country, or patented or described in a printed publication in this or a foreign country, before the invention thereof by the applicant for patent,” or “(b) the invention was patented or described in a printed publication in this or a foreign country or in public use or on sale in this country more than one year prior to the application for patent in the United States . . .

(emphasis mine)

Mr. Kurtz’ patent application was field March 17, 2008.

mB12 nasal sprays–as touted by Mr. Kurtz himself–have been discussed online since at least 2005. I guess Mr. Kurtz is counting on the patent examiner not checking the AutismOne website for Mr. Kurtz’ own talk on nasal spray mB12 in 2006. But, even without that, Mr. Kurtz’ own website has discussions of the nasal spray from March 16, 2006– that predates his patent application by 1 year. 1 year and 1 day. Ironic, that.

It will be interesting to see the lollipop patent application. I mean, there are vitamin B12 lollipops already, too. I wonder when Mr. Kurtz first publicly discussed his lollipop invention? Did he shoot himself in the foot here too?

Autistic Guinea Pigs

15 Feb

During WWII a number of German doctors conducted painful and often deadly experiments on thousands of concentration and death camp prisoners without their consent.


The second category of experimentation was aimed at developing and testing pharmaceuticals and treatment methods….



Its always a dangerous thing to invoke the spectre of the Nazi’s. There is a profound risk of undermining or belittling the full horror of what happened in Europe during the second world war. I hope I don’t do that.

However, there are times that I simply know of no other way to illustrate the sort of things that one is sent from the various extreme biomed groups that exist on Yahoo and elsewhere. Who can forget Christine Heeren’s poor son being chelated with garlic and vinegar? Or the young mother being urged to chelate her 9 month old baby because she reported he was ‘smiling inappropriately’? And of course, there’s the death of Tariq Nadama.

All these things are simply experimentation on children, pure and simple. In goal and in safety they are no different that any of Mengle’s.

Does this mean parents are too blame? I don’t know. Is Heeren ‘to blame’ for what is being done to her son? No, I don’t believe so. The practitioner performing the treatment is. He (or she) is the one milking parents who believe they are desperate. They are the ones pawing over the traits of children for clues to a big payday.

So no I don’t think parents are to blame. However – what they are is _responsible_ . At some point one cannot keep saying ‘I didn’t know’. At some point it must filter through that injecting a mix of garlic and vinegar into a child isn’t going to do a damn thing. At that point, the parent becomes complicitly responsible. This is why I have such a hard time with the Nadama’s suing. I cannot believe that they didn’t know what they were doing was quackery. It was not a case like the one I touched on yesterday where parents were misled into a dangerous and nearly fatal procedure simply to further the beliefs of a quack.

There is a Yahoo Group – a very busy one – called MB12 Valtrex which discusses these treatment options for autism. Recently a mother to a two and half year old posted, listing what he was on and what he was like:

GFCF – CF since September ’07
Glutathione Cream daily
B12 injections every five days, now going to every 3
Cod Liver Oil
Vitamin A
MultiFlora Spectrum Probiotics
Enzyme Complete DP-IV
Super Nu Thera
Vitamin C – 500 mg per day

I just look at him and he seems SO MUCH worse since we started this. I understand the yeast may be acting up and causing crazy behavior but he is unhappy, unhealthy looking. He has dark circles under his very tired eyes. His stimming and behaviors are just worse than ever. My husband and I keep looking at each other and wondering why it’s getting worse when we’re suppose to be on the right track now.

The past few days he’s had white chunks in his stool. Loser than normal stools, very light in color, almost like mustard with dark specs. DAN doc says yeast does NOT come out in poop … then what is it?

That’s a daily list of meds by the way.

Its unutterably depressing to read this sort of thing and know that this poor kid is being experimented on by the DAN! doc and this poor mother (new to the whole extreme biomed community) simply doesn’t have enough knowledge or energy to stand up to this quack.

The community elders of course – those who have become complicit over the years, those who should know better – encourage her to push on:

I know it’s hard to watch your child get worse when you’re trying so hard. Just keep looking and you’ll find the answers. It took me several months to realize that I needed to keep looking for answers. And please, talk to your own doctor about the trouble you’re having. I know how you feel, I’ve been there (and still am some days).

Just keep looking. Right. This from a person who admits she’s still pretty much where the original poster is.

An amazing veteran Mom told me once that when her kids react poorly, it just keeps her going because she knows she’s hitting something and, although it may not be the right supplement at the right time, she’ll eventually get it right.

She’ll eventually get it right. Yeah. And at what cost?

Does it strike no one else as odd that there _are_ all these ‘veteran moms’ _at all_ if this extreme biomed is supposed to work? Why are they still around and doing treatments and pushing experimentation? Surely their kids are ‘recovered’? Or maybe they’re like Erik Nanstiel’s daughter – still ‘low functioning’ after 6 years of extreme biomed and all this extremeism is there simply to assuage mum and dads self inflicted guilt – guilt carefully nurtured by the quacks lining their pockets at these parents expense and their kids childhoods.