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Mark Geier: vaccine lover

7 Sep

Sometimes reality is just stranger than fiction. Consider Mark Geier. He’s the doctor whose license has been suspended in Maryland for his treatment of autistic children with Lupron. He’s been a regular expert witness in the vaccine court for something like 20 years. He’s got multiple papers out on the dangers of mercury in vaccines.

Think that’s enough to please the vaccines-cause-autism crowd? Think again.

Stroll over to Facebook where a heated discussion is ongoing.

…you’re wrong on that one…. from personal experience having dinner with Dr. Geier….he has no problem with the vaccines other than mercury. He told me to my face at dinner that he gave his patients the H1N1 vaccine last year (Hg free of course). Sorry, but that is from personal experience….he’s a hack in my book.

Yep. Giving vaccines makes one a hack. Treating faux precocious puberty, not so much.

the response?

…thanks for saying that…I detected he was a vaccine lover.

Yep, he’s a “vaccine lover”. Mark Geier. That’s his failing.

… I know I’ll probably make some enemies over this but I call em’ as I see em’ and this was NOT hearsay. He told me that to my face at dinner…I got up, called him a moron and didn’t come back to finish my dinner. I fumed all night!

Well, there you have it. Tell the wrong people you gave vaccinations and you are a hack, a “moron” and you make people lose their appetite.

The world never ceases to amaze.

Age of Autism Abandon Pretence

9 Dec

To many of us who have been following the online ‘careers’ of the various people and factions behind Age of ‘Autism’ for many years (at least 7 in my case) this will be no surprise but it still needs pointing out once more:

The Age of ‘Autism’ blog is a repository of and a flag waver for anti-vaccine quackery.

Easy to say and growing easier and easier to demonstrate every day. As of the time of publishing of this post, the latest *six* posts from Age of ‘Autism’ have absolutely nothing to do with autism. These posts are (in reverse order):

1) Counting Offit’s Millions: More on How Merck’s Rotateq Vaccine Made Paul Offit Wealthy
2) Is One Man to Blame for the WorldWide H1N1 Panic?
3) $300K to Banyan Communications from Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines?
4) Harvard and CNN Report on Lower than Expected H1N1 Vaccine Uptake
5) Oops. Flu Pandemic May Be The Mildest since Modern Medicine Began Tracking.
6) Kickin’ the Tires of the Green Vaccine Initiative

*All* the above have no relationship to autism. *All* the above have a direct relationship to anti-vaccine beliefs.

One or two stories every now and then that don’t touch on your blog’s core subject is routine and only to be expected – but six in a row? Thats only routine if your core subject is drifting. Or if your *real* core subject is slowly being revealed.