Email From JB Handley

19 Feb

From: J.B. Handley”
date: 19 Feb 2008 03:40
subject: Fair warning


As of this morning, I have retained counsel with offices in London and Birmingham to monitor your blog closely.

I have run a highly ethical business for 12 years. I have been scrutinized by the most sophisticated investors in the world and now manage more than $1 billion of their capital. My business dealings have met the highest ethical standards at every turn.

I will defend any attempt by you to sully my reputation in the business world with whatever resources are necessary to do so.

I do not think this is a great use of your time. But, if you decide it is, so be it. As you know by now, I never back down from a fight.

I have no interest in ever writing about you in the public realm nor having any sort of interaction with you whatsoever. However, if you choose to provoke me, as you recently did, I will respond.

I would be more than happy to move on and never interact with you again. It’s up to you to decide how you would like our future interaction to look. As I have said many times, my gripe is not with you and I have no interest in fighting with other parents of autistic children, we all have enough on our plates.

J.B. Handley
Managing Director
Swander Pace Capital

What follows is part of my response.

I have absolutely no interest in your business dealings whatsoever. You can do whatever the hell you like. I hope your company goes from
strength to strength – or fails miserably – I don’t give a rats ass either way.

However, what I *am* interested in is your role in companies you sit on the board of who seem to have business interests very much at cross
purposes with what you advocate regarding the nature and cause of autism.

So if you think I’m going to be attacking the way SPC does business you can rest assured I couldn’t possibly care less. In fact if you think I’m going to be attacking SPC at all (or any subsidiary or related company) you can rest assured I won’t be.

What I might very well discuss however is your personal ethics in relation to the companies you sit on the board of and its my opinion that its *this* that is really worrying you. And worrying you to the point where you are attempting to strong arm me into not talking about it.

So – for now – any discussion regarding JB Handley, any links to joke websites is off-limits. I don’t have the money or resources of JB Handley.

I’ve disabled comments for this post but if you’re a blog owner discussing this, please let me know via email.

UK Libel Overview.
US Libel Overview.

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