Sharyl Attkisson's long history of anti-vaccinationism

1 Aug

As blogged by Mike, Liz, Autism News Beat, Kristina and Orac, CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson seems to the prime suspect in the matter of how a fax sent to CBS News by Voices for Vaccines turned up on the Age of Autism blog less than 1 day later.

This matters. Reporters are supposed to be independent. They are supposed to give a balanced view. The very act of forwarding this fax to Age of Autism simply confirms that someone at CBS News, mostly likely Ms Attkisson, is deeply affiliated with Age of Autism. This makes her conflicted and she is totally the wrong person to be investigating the autism/vaccine hypothesis.

I went looking to see what else I could find to support my opinion that Ms Attkisson is someone who is not a reporter, but someone presenting her opinion in the name of investigative news. I found plenty.

Take this ‘interview‘ with Rep. Dave Weldon about the Poling case. I put the word interview in single quotes because it really isn’t an interview, its more a series of questions to allow Weldon to trot out a series of inaccuracies supportive of the idea vaccines cause autism. This is the sort of journalist who would ask God ‘tell me God, do you believe in creationism?’ And then give God a five minute run to explain how he does.

She was also the CBS employee (it seems wrong to keep saying she is a reporter) who interviewed Bernadine Healy in which the former Philip Morris shill said we should re-examine the autism/vaccine idea.

Over on the ‘No Mercury’ website, there is a long list of videos of Ms Attkisson (35 in total, dating back to March 2002) of which all seem to be ‘investigations’ into vaccines and other pharma related activities.

This piece which relates some of the most common and mind-numbingly stupid antivax canards around is just about the clearest indication of her loyalties. Anyone who states the following is not impartial and should not be investigating this story:

Non-profits which dispel any vaccine/autism/ADD link have ties to vaccine makers.

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  1. isles August 1, 2008 at 16:58 #

    Attkisson may finally have gone too far. If CBS cares about its reputation as a trustworthy provider of news and analysis, it will can her in a very public way.

  2. farmwifetwo August 1, 2008 at 19:02 #

    My dh and I read Arthur Allen’s Vaccine and now I’m reading “Climate Confusion, how global warming hysteria leads to bad science, pandering politicians and misguided policies that hurt the poor” Dr. Roy W. Spencer.

    Sound familiar??? Same thing… different topic. He’s the pro-vax guy in the middle of the anti-vax camp. ie. The world isn’t coming to an end… tomorrow and he’s a climatologist.

    There will always be those that insist on putting their personal agenda’s forward with total disregard to anyone else. Unfortunately, in the long term this will do us more harm than good. Too bad the general public believe what journalists tell them as being “correct” instead of thinking for themselves or holding the journalists accountable for giving us the true facts not the “doom and gloom” or their personal slants. Just read the comments on… any topic…. frightening.


  3. Patrick August 1, 2008 at 19:59 #

    So, if I am reading these reports right. Though the investigative ‘reporter’ has no declared monetary conflict of interest, she sure has an undeclared non-monetary conflict of interest. (Unless she is also an OAP litigant?)


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