Dads and Grads

15 Jun

June is the season of graduations. It is also the time for Father’s Day (at least in the U.S.), which occurs this Sunday. Around this time we see a lot of ads for “Dads and Grads”, mostly by people selling greeting cards and presents.

I’d like to send out congratulations to the grads out there. I’d like to send out a good word to fellow Dads out there. I hope Sunday is a great day for you.

I’d really like to take the opportunity to single out: autistic grads and autistic dads. Autistic grads: congratulations. I was reminded of the “dads and grads” season by the story of an autistic graduate who is absolutely one of my heroes. I’ve never met the person, but that person inspires me in ways I never knew possible. Autistic dads: I’ve “met” some of you online, here and elsewhere. I’ve spoken to some of you on the phone and in person. I wish you all an especially good father’s day.

Autistic moms: sorry I missed a message for Mother’s Day. Completely an oversight on my part as you are also a great inspiration to me.

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