leaping science forward fundraiser for Autism Science Foundation

29 Feb

Today is a special fundraiser for the Autism Science Foundation. All the money will go towards the stakeholder travel grants they provide for people to attend IMFAR. Here are the details:

We need YOUR help to make the 2012 Leap Day a great day for autism science!

How often have you wished for an extra hour or extra day to get everything you need done? In 2012, we get a WHOLE DAY! At the Autism Science Foundation, we want to make the most of this special leap day by using it to help autism science leap forward.

All donations made on February 29, 2012 will go directly to our IMFAR Travel Grants program, helping us provide more scholarships for stakeholders – parents, siblings teachers, people with autism – to attend IMFAR 2012 in Toronto where they will share their real world autism experience with scientists. These stakeholders will then bring the latest autism science back into our communities helping the science take a giant leap forward.

We need YOUR help leaping science forward and sharing your love of autism research. We need YOUR help spreading the word about this 1-day fundraiser!

Please help us by writing a blog post, composing some tweets and/or posting an update to your Facebook page on Wednesday, February 29 after 8 am EST.

Do something special with this extra day of 2012 and help leap science forward.

Get all the details about the 1-day fundraiser here – http://leapscienceforward.causevox.com/

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