TPGA: IMFAR 2012: An Update on the ASD DSM-5 Recommendations

19 May

There is much discussion on the DSM 5 at IMFAR. This includes talks from Sue Swedo at the stakeholder’s lunch and a formal (and highly attended) conference talk The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism has four of their editors at the conference and has an article on the DSM 5 discussion.

IMFAR 2012: An Update on the ASD DSM-5 Recommendations

We spoke with Sue [Swedo] at length both at the IMFAR Stakeholder’s lunch, and after her IMFAR talk. Any errors or omissions in this summary of her talk are on TPGA. -SR

More at the TPGA site.

One Response to “TPGA: IMFAR 2012: An Update on the ASD DSM-5 Recommendations”

  1. RAJensen May 20, 2012 at 08:54 #

    What impact will DSM5 have on prevelance rates or access to services in toddlers? Matson et al diagnosed a very large group of toddlers currently diagnosed with autism (DSM-IV). 2,721 toddlers participated in the study. The result: 47% of toddlers currently diagnosed with autism would not be diagnosed with autism according to the new DSM5 proposal. This replicates two previous studies that found DSM5 will diagnose fewer people with autism. The previous studies looked at older children and adolescents and adults. This is the first study that looked at toddlers:

    So far, four groups have looked at the impact of DSM5 as it relates to autism. Only one group found little change, the DSM5 group. All three other groups found that large numbers of toddlers, adolescents and adults will no longer meet diagnostic criteria for autism. Only DSM5 own field trials have reported no difference.

    The ICD-11 working group for autism, chaired by Sir Michael Rutter, also disagrees with the entire DSM5 concept and methodolgy.

    Time to put DSM5 on hold for a few more years?

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