ASAN: URGENT! Ask Your Senators to Support a Ban on Aversives!

21 May

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has called an urgent action alert to call for the ban of aversives in the state of Massachusetts, home of the Judge Rotenberg Center. Residents of Massachusetts can call their state senators and support legislation that could stop the use of aversives.

Ask Your Senators for a
Ban on Aversives in Massachusetts!

Last Friday, Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce filed two amendments to the Senate Ways & Means Budget currently pending in the Massachusetts State Senate. One of these amendments calls for a complete ban of aversives – also called “aversive therapy” – while the other would restrict their use. If passed, this would ban or limit the use of practices like the contingent electric shock used at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC).

But it takes more than one senator to get an amendment passed. We urge you to contact your Massachusetts State Senator and ask him or her to sign on to the Joyce amendments banning or restricting the use of aversives. But please hurry, the deadline has been extended to noon (12pm EST) on May 23rd!

You can find your Senator’s phone number or email at Because of the urgent deadline, calling their office will be the most effective way to contact them.

Thank you for your support for the rights and safety of Autistics and other people with disabilities in the great state of Massachusetts.

Nothing About Us, Without Us!

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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