CDSweep Makes it Easy to Clean Out Your Unwanted CDs & Support Autism Research!

15 Jun

The Autism Science Foundation has a new fundraiser: CDSWeep. The idea is simple–you send them your old CD’s and DVD’s, they send you digitized copies and resell the disks with proceeds going to fund autism research. They even send you the packaging materials for the shipment.

More details are on the ASF blog:

CDSweep Makes it Easy to Clean Out Your Unwanted CDs & Support Autism Research!

From ASF’s Facebook Page:

Do a clean sweep of all your unwanted CDs and help fund autism research. Just box up all of your unwanted CDs and DVDs, ship them free with prepaid FedEx labels. Each disc you send means a 50 cent donation to ASF. It’s really that easy!

Go to, enter the number of discs you’re sending, and you’ll be emailed a prepaid FedEx label to ship them all for free. You can even request that your CDs be digitized to MP3s and sent back to you for free.

Have a question about this new donation program? Email us!

Now for the commentary: When I got my first CD’s, I was happy to be a consumer of a new technology. No more scratchy records. No more tape hiss. My father had a huge collection of 78’s still and, while they were cool, they were old technology.

I’m becoming my dad. I’ve got my horde of music on a technology which seems to be going away. Will my family sift through the recordings for the gems of a bygone era? Heck, some of my CD’s are re-releases of recordings from before I was born (heck, a couple from even before my father was born!).

That said, I wanted my father to set aside his 78’s. I wish I still had them. The tapes I made are long gone. If only I could have digitized them. But, some I wish I had as 78’s. Like an original of Stan Kenton’s remake of “The Peanut Vendor”.

Never heard of it?

But I digress. Is it time to reclaim all that space in my CD cabinet? If so, whatever goes will be sent off to support autism research.

4 Responses to “CDSweep Makes it Easy to Clean Out Your Unwanted CDs & Support Autism Research!”

  1. Roger Kulp June 16, 2012 at 15:44 #

    I feel sorry for people who have huge collections of CDs.Never got into them horrible little things,they always sounded like crap to me.I have a huge record collection myself,about 20,000 or more in fact,including a LOT of 78s.Classical,early rock/R&B,old country and calypso on shelves full of shellac,not to mention lots of cool old equipment to play it on.

    It is now well documented that many autistics have a much wider range of hearing than neurotypicals.Wonder why you don’t hear about more autistic audiophiles?

    Now I think I’ll go put some 78s on the old TD135.Maybe the 1946 Charles Munch Symphonie Fastastique on French Columbia.

    • Sullivan June 16, 2012 at 17:00 #

      Roger Kulp,

      I had pretty amazing hearing when I was younger. I could hear frequencies much higher than typical. I can follow individual instruments in an ensemble, but I have a hard time processing language if there is any noise around.

      That said, hiss, pops and scratches made vinyl records really hard for me.

    • Sullivan June 16, 2012 at 17:42 #

      “Now I think I’ll go put some 78s on the old TD135.Maybe the 1946 Charles Munch Symphonie Fastastique on French Columbia.”

      Symphonie Fantastique is, well, fantastic.

      I have re – issues of many of the mercury “living presence” recordings. Some amazing recordings from the analogue era.

      I admit I haven’t checked prices, but I doubt I could afford a collection of Louis Armstrong or Billie Holliday 78’s.

  2. Rich Scopie June 19, 2012 at 15:27 #

    Isn’t digitising and then reselling CDs illegal?

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