Sun Times: Lawsuit alleges school bus aide slapped autistic boy

19 Apr

The Chicago Sun Times reports Lawsuit alleges school bus aide slapped autistic boy.

A mother noticed her child was resisting going on the school bus so she put a voice recorder in his backpack. She recorded an aide slapping her child. Twice. There are indications that perhaps the child was potentially doing something inappropriate as evidenced by the statement:

“Get your hands off my chest or I will break your fingers. Word,” before hitting him again, the suit claims.

If so, the aide should have reported the behavior for the child to get help. Instead, apparently, she hit him.

This follows on a story a year back about a New Jersey father who found that aides in his son’s class were apparently acting inappropriately and were verbally abusing his son. A more recent story discussed putting video in special education classrooms.

There is a significant difference between children in regular education and children in a classroom where most or all have significant communication disabilities. In a regular education environment, a parent could get information about what happens in the class from the child. The child can report back (although, sadly, often abusers understand that children will not speak about the abuse). There is no such window into a classroom of children without the ability to effectively communicate.

By Matt Carey

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