Discussions of the recent MMR/autism paper (and why the study isn’t what the author wants you to believe it is)

27 Aug

Below are a selected list of discussions about Brian Hooker’s recent paper and the highly irresponsible way he and his team are promoting it. Let me know if you spot one I should add to the list.

Here on Left Brain/Right Brain, I have discussed this as:

Autism, Atlanta, MMR: serious questions and also how Brian Hooker and Andrew Wakefield are causing damage to the autism communities


The Brian Hooker article “…has been removed from the public domain because of serious concerns about the validity of its conclusions”

Here’s the press release for the recent reanalysis study

as put out by the group that funded it.

Here is a video by Andrew Wakefield where he relies upon ugly race-baiting slander to promote himself and the study.

Here’s a discussion of that study by an epidemiology grad student showing some ways in which this is a very poorly done study:
Directed Acyclic Graphs and the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism

And another discussion of that study and it’s low quality can be found on The Poxes Blog:
Andrew Jeremy Wakefield plays video director while African-American Babies die, or something

Educator and Advocate Liz Ditz discusses the PR approach that has been taken by those promoting the study here:
L’affaire CDC-MMR: Hooker, Wakefield, and Focus Autism Accuse African-American Senior CDC Researcher of Being A Race Traitor

also she has

The CDC, the MMR Vaccine, and Allegations of Whistleblowing and Malfeasance: The Backstory (which includes nearly 50 links about this dicussion, from all viewpoints).

The Surgeon Scientist who writes under the name ORAC has done the most discussion of this study and the way it is being overplayed and misused:

The CDC “whistleblower” manufactroversy: Twitter parties and another “bombshell” e-mail

Hey, where is everybody? The “CDC whistleblower” manufactroversy continues apace

The central conspiracy theory of the antivaccine movement

Brian Hooker proves Andrew Wakefield wrong about vaccines and autism

The Skeptical Raptor has
Great CDC Coverup–suppressing evidence that MMR vaccines cause autism?

Phil Plait at Slate.com and Bad Astronomy
No, There Still Is No Connection Between Vaccines and Autism

Todd W. at Harpocrates Speaks
Andrew Wakefield Tortures History


Anti-vaccine Activists Throw Twitter Tantrum

The CDC have a simple statement here about the original study:
CDC Statement Regarding 2004 Pediatrics Article, “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta”

One will certainly find more articles, especially searching for the names of the people involved and terms like “CDC Whistleblower”

So far none of the groups who promote autism as a vaccine-induced epidemic have stepped forward to distance themselves from Andrew Wakefield and Brian Hooker’s disgusting race-baiting attack. I hope that will change.

By Matt Carey

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