Gigi Jordan found guilty of manslaughter in killing of her son Jude

6 Nov

Jude Jordan was an autistic boy. He was murdered by his mother. I use the term “murdered” in the colloquial sense of “a person deliberately took his life”. Legally it wasn’t murder. Legally it was manslaughter as the mother, the murderer, argued extreme emotional disturbance. Her story was convoluted, but she argued that she believed her son was being sexually abused by multiple people, including his biological father. She also argued that she believed that her ex husband intended to kill her and that would lead to the biological father becoming Jude’s caregiver. Having read documents she’s put online (she has some on a new website( and more were on a now defunct website). I find her arguments seriously difficult to believe.

Jude’s mother is estimated to be worth about $50M. She had the money to hire a team of high powered attorneys to argue her case. And she will pay them more to appeal her case. But apparently she didn’t feel that she could use that $50M to hire attorneys to insure that someone she trusted could take care of Jude in case she died.

If you search for Gigi Jordan on Google, you can find her website right away. Because someone has bought advertising space for it. She apparently put that up as part of her media blitz that coincided with the jury going into deliberations.

But back to the important part of the story. Jude Jordan is dead. And the person who killed him may serve as little as 5 years in prison for the crime.

As happens whenever a news story about a parent killing his/her autistic child is put online, the comments include “walk in the parent’s shoes before you judge”.

Here’s the thing: I am a parent of an autistic child. A child with a very high level of challenges. I can’t say I’ve walked in Gigi Jordan’s shoes. I don’t have $50M like she did (how much is left after paying attorneys is unknown). I don’t know that I can set up a trust to care for my kid long after I’m gone. I can’t quit work to spend my years caring for my kid, as I would like. Gigi Jordan could do all of that.

As long as we are talking about walking in other people’s shoes: Gigi Jordan will never be able to walk in my shoes again. I love my time with my kid. And I want to protect my kid from caregivers in the future who think that one can murder a disabled kid and get a light sentence. And she’s part of the problem. When she gets a light sentence, it diminishes every disabled person’s chances of living a life free from the threat of caregiver abuse and/or murder.

By Matt Carey

5 Responses to “Gigi Jordan found guilty of manslaughter in killing of her son Jude”

  1. Rita Cristman November 10, 2014 at 21:05 #

    I wish you would not advertise her website of lies

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) November 10, 2014 at 21:16 #

      I think almost anyone who read that website would see that her story is beyond incredible.

    • Chris November 10, 2014 at 21:17 #

      I believe the veracity of her site was noted with the sentence that followed the URL: “I find her arguments seriously difficult to believe.”

      It does no good to ignore what she wrote, because it just more evidence that she should be vilified as a child murderer, not pitied.

    • Narad November 11, 2014 at 08:24 #

      I suppose one could always lodge an ICANN complaint regarding the Whois data’s being out of date.

      • Narad November 11, 2014 at 08:28 #

        Ah, not yet.

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