Victory is in sight! Time to make calls NOW! The California Developmental Services System Needs You NOW!

19 Feb
I haven’t been writing lately about the fight to get funding reinstated for the California developmental services system, but that doesn’t mean that the fight was lost.  Far from it.  The fight goes on and NOW is the time to make a big push.
Below is an email message I received from The ARC and UCP coalition.  Details for what to do are inside–call now.  Act now and we can make a better life for people with disabilities in California.
Dear Friends,
The Lanterman Coalition has been fighting for the survival of the California developmental services system for well over a year now. Yesterday we finally came to an agreement for the best way forward! While the agreement doesn’t achieve everything needed, it is a critically important step to provide relief and recovery now to move towards a future of hope and full participation in communities across this state.
However, we’re not there yet to take that step for our future, and we needYOU more than any other time during this campaign.  The Legislature is likely to vote very soon — probably next week, but possibly as early as TODAY. Your Senate and Assembly representatives need to hear from you, so let’s finish strong!
Please call NOW and implore them to vote for the developmental services agreement! (Sorry, there’s no bill number to give them yet.) Here’s a short summary:
A 7.5% across-the-board increase for salaries and benefits to stop the damaging high staff turnover at community providers and regional centers.
A 2.5% across-the-board increase for community provider and regional center administrative and other costs.
A restoration of the supported employment rates to 2006 levels (a 10% increase from now).
A 5% increase for supported and independent living services.
A 5% increase for in-home and out-of-home respite services.
A 5% increase for transportation services.
An effective 5% increase for intermediate care facilities, via a 3.75% increase and elimination of prior cuts.
The creation of competitive integrated employment programs with paid internships and incentive payments for helping individuals obtain and retain employment.
An increase in vendor audit thresholds, eliminating wasteful spending requirements.
A rate study plan aimed at permanantly sustainable funding.

Funding for regional center bilingual staff, cultural competency training, and parent education efforts.

Now more than ever, thank you for your advocacy!
Tony Anderson
Executive Director, The Arc California and
Chair, The Lanterman Coalition
1225 Eighth Street, Suite 350, Sacramento, CA 95814
PS. And please forward this Action Alert far and wide. Victory is in sight, and we need everyone’s help NOW.

2 Responses to “Victory is in sight! Time to make calls NOW! The California Developmental Services System Needs You NOW!”

  1. reissd February 19, 2016 at 22:21 #

    Done. And shared.

  2. Chris February 20, 2016 at 03:38 #

    And if you don’t live in California check out how you can help through your local ARC. I was not able to spend last Wednesday due to a very important appointment for my son to go down to the state capitol to lobby for the Parent2Parent program (which has been a valuable resource and support), but we did send them a donation.

    That very important appointment was a three hour in-home evaluation from our state’s “Developmental Disability Administration” (DDA) which will help our son with both supported employment and housing. Even if you don’t need their services now, you might in the future.

    The DDA had been underfunded for years, but through the efforts of several groups that changed. I lucked out because of that funding in that I got into contact with a case manager in less than a month. I have met other parents who finally got that contact after being on a waiting list for eight years!

    If you are in California, heed Matt’s plea. If you are in another state (or country!) contact your local ARC, UCP and other relevant disability organizations.

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