Del Bigtree, just admit your mistake and apologize.

20 Jul

I recently wrote about an incredibly irresponsible statement made by a Mr. Del Bigtree (Del Bigtree crosses the line: tells Vaxxed audience “Now’s the time” for guns.)

The problematic statement I focused upon was:

“Anyone who believes in the right to bear arms. To stand up against your government. I don’t know what you were saving that gun for then. I don’t know when you planned on using it if they were going to take control of your own body away.

It’s now. Now’s the time.”

emphasis added.

The statement is clearly bad. And I criticized Del Bigtree for it. Rightly so.

Mr. Bigtree has responded. Full version on his facebook page. As you will see he starts to do the right thing, then he fails. He admits the message is bad, but then tries to defend himself by stating that apparently he was trying to show solidarity for people fighting for gun rights (the statement above has nothing to do with that). He then claims that he was taken out of context and edited (no edits, and one can watch the full video and see the context changes nothing).

Just say it’s a wrong statement and apologize, Mr. Bigtree. It takes courage in being able to admit mistakes and apologize. I greatly appreciate that you distanced yourself from your irresponsible statement, but do it honestly and completely. When people hear you equivocating and making up excuses, it weakens your clarification. It makes it all about you, rather than correcting the message. It makes it easier for people to ignore your clarification.

Let’s address some of the accusation Mr. Bigtree uses to defend himself. Is the Q&A video I took or the statement above taken out of context? Is it edited? No. Mr. Bigtree is just trying to deflect criticism. Want the context? Watch the full video on his Facebook page. Please do–because this is just the worst of a number of really bad statements he made that night. By claiming it is “taken out of context” he is simply attempting to avoid staring his own mistakes head on. As I’ve already said, besides demonstrating a lack of moral fiber there, it weakens Mr. Bigtree’s attempt to distance himself from the message he gave.

And we need his response to be clear and concise.

Since Polly Tommey has difficulty understanding the point I’m making, let’s spell it out. What I did was saying, “I’m judging you Del Bigtree so that people know this isn’t acceptable behavior.”

Which, you have to admit, is far more effective than, “I will sit in the audience and laugh nervously and hope no one takes Mr. Bigtree seriously.” Or, “I will sit next to Mr. Bigtree and look as though I am not even paying attention.” Mr. Bigtree was criticized and he has tried, however poorly, to distance himself from his statement.

As the old saying goes, the first step in getting out of the hole you’ve dug is to stop digging. Del Bigtree just digs and digs. Having rewritten history to make him stand in solidarity with guns rights activists, he then goes on the attack: I am a “troll”.

Del, I’m an autism parent and you know it. I am a scientist and you know it. I have spent more time looking at the facts behind your film than you have. I’m either better at understanding them or more honest than you. I obtained the William Thompson documents from Bill Posey. I gave my analysis–and I gave the documents so that my analysis would be put in context. If context is so important to you now, why hasn’t your team ever released the documents you hold? People can check what I say. You manipulate the situation so that your message can not be challenged.

More to the point, Del, you are being criticized not trolled. This is an important discussion and given the damage you are doing, you should damned well act like an adult. Because right now you are not.

Polly Tommey shows a similar lack of moral fiber by refusing to face head on the criticism levied against her in a different post (Polly Tommey won’t judge parents who murder their disabled children. That’s part of the problem). She defends herself with the statement, “I had a clip of me that made it look like I endorsed murdering children with autism”. It’s a classic straw man argument.

Let’s break this down simply:

There is the act of murder.
There is encouraging the murder.
There is refusing to murderers that they are wrong.

Ms. Tommey, you are in the third category. Let me remind you of your own, unedited, words:

Parents are taking the lives of their children already because they will not leave them in the world as it is today. And I for one will never judge them for what they do.

Why is this statement wrong? Let’s put this in language Mr. Bigtree just used in his attempted defense. A famous poem:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

People are “coming” for our own. As you say, parents are murdering their autistic children. It isn’t a matter of stopping this before “they come for me”. They are already coming for us as these children (and adults) are our own.

If you will not speak out, your use of that poem is just empty rhetoric.

By Matt Carey

10 Responses to “Del Bigtree, just admit your mistake and apologize.”

  1. Florida Mom September 13, 2016 at 20:14 #

    I appreciate the message these brave people are spreading (and not for fame and riches). Obviously for us parents (Del included), this is a huge deal. Thank you Del Bigtree for your passion and for choosing integrity and helping people to wake up to the unfortunate but REAL crucial times of needing to fight for our right to control our bodies and for TRANSPARENCY from the CDC. If we sit down and allow this now it’s the end and that is how I believe Del feels. Esp with over 300 new vaccines in the pipeline. People should listen to this man instead of jump on the bandwagon of people hired to cause endless distractions.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) September 22, 2016 at 18:12 #

      “Obviously for us parents (Del included), this is a huge deal. ”

      I’m a parent. Parent of an autistic kid. The vaccine hypothesis is a big deal to me. That’s why I check on claims by people like Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield. Check closely.

      By the way–the article above is Del Bigtree inciting violence. You just give him a pass on that because he says what you want to hear in other places. Shame on you. Stand up, even to your heroes, or you are just a follower.

      “People should listen to this man instead of jump on the bandwagon of people hired to cause endless distractions”

      I have listened to him. More closely than you. And checked what he had to say. Clearly more closely than you. How is reporting on the fact that Bigtree lies and makes statements inciting violence a “distraction”?

      • Jay November 9, 2017 at 22:20 #

        They are already inflicting violence by injecting poison forcefully. The violence has already on. What Del BigTree is saying is actually a response to the violence in self defense. After Japan attacked Pearl Harbor should USA have just spent effort to wake up other nations to the fact that Japan has attacked USA or respond to Japan. The same is the situation. Attack and damage of the life of a child is equal to a Pearl Harbor to the life of the parents of that child and they have the right to act with violence against the violence.

      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) December 6, 2017 at 20:13 #

        Put down the violence analogies and take another look at what you wrote. Seriously. It’s BAD. Poorly written dreck.

        Calm down. Or find some other subject to rant about. If anyone listens to you (outside your echo chamber), you are doing damage.

        Want to actually discuss the article above, or just use this as a platform to write your dreck? Seriously–either actually contribute to the discussion or be banned. I am not here to provide a platform for you.

    • John (you know the one) March 21, 2019 at 18:50 #

      Thank you Del! At last we have someone with the guts to admit that antivaccine activists can’t convince anyone with facts – only threats of violence can possibly work. Sadly for the the pro-disease crowd, parents seem more worried about protecting their kids from disease than they are worried about hysterical threats from Del.


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