More advice for the vaccine-skeptic community: just lie low right now.

13 Mar

I just finished writing my previous article a few minutes ago and I thought I’d check out my go-to site for bad information about health and autism:the age of autism blog.

Here’s the thing–right now people are focused on health and infectious diseases. And, guess what, your unhelpful (read–damaging, you case harm, people die because of your bad information) on sites like AoA just makes you look worse at times like that.

Here’s their article for the day Dr. Richard Moskowitz: Advisory on the Coronavirus

I knew they’d have nonsense like this up during this outbreak. It makes no sense. Not in the “their advice makes no sense” way (their advice does make no sense). Rather, in the “right now isn’t a good time to tell the world you give out bad advice while people are dying” way.

Here’s a quote:

When I first heard of the outbreak, my attention was fixed on the coincidence that it began in Wuhan, near the Chinese bioweapons lab, and the obvious speculation that the virus was manmade, which still hasn’t been ruled out.

Yes, We get it. The very first thing your community does is try to fit this into a conspiracy theory.

I can hear it now–Oh no! He called us conspiracy theorists! We don’t have to actually consider what he has to say now! On top of being conspiracy theorists, you are cowards.

Moving on.

In addition, many physicians are recommending high doses of Vitamin C, say 3000 mg. daily for prophylaxis, and even more for the actual illness, with coughing and shortness of breath, at which point Dr. Brownstein suggests adding Vitamins A, D3, and iodine as well.

“Many physicians”. Yeah. My kid deserves (and gets) better care than these “many physicians” dole out. People need facts now. Not your one-size-fits-all alternative to medicine. Everything can be cured by vitamins! Yes, you guys have no real tools so you just suggest vitamin C all the time. Seriously, people joke about this.

Is it proven to help with COVID-19? No. Is there any real reason (outside of your alternative to medicine world) that it should? NO. Here’s the thing–has it been proven to not hurt? Yeah, you didn’t even think of that, did you. It always works. Why question that?

Homeopaths have had and continue to have great success treating epidemic diseases like cholera, yellow fever, measles, influenza, and the like, using a simple method that deserves much wider recognition and use. Once about 20 or 25 cases have been investigated, one remedy will be found to fit around 75% of the cases, and is therefore designated as the basic remedy or genus epidemicus of the outbreak.

No, they don’t. Homeopaths don’t do anything. Using latin “genus epidemicus” and italics don’t change that.

People are dying. Now is not the time to advertise that you give people bullshit advice. I know you actually believe this. I know you somehow think that being intelligent means you can’t do something “stupid”. You are wrong.

If you thought this through, you’d back off. Go quiet until people stop paying so much attention. But you can’t. I’ve seen it again and again.

Thank God my kid gets better than you, Richard Moskowitz, M. D.. Thank God I didn’t get sucked into the sphere of nonsense and pain that is the Age of Autism and similar communities.

I’m better off for it and so is my kid.

By Matt Carey

2 Responses to “More advice for the vaccine-skeptic community: just lie low right now.”

  1. doritmi March 13, 2020 at 17:36 #

    Really, recommending fake cures to a new and serious disease is just wrong.


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    […] More advice for the vaccine-skeptic community: just lie low right now. […]

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