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Facist Britian?

14 Jul

Watch Channel 4 news tonight at 7pm (for non UK-ers you may be able to watch here. There is apparently a horrific (if true) autism related story on tonight.

According to an email circulating:

…a special report regarding a disabled child taken into care through the back door by Bedfordshire, following the parents successful appeal to SENDIST and a High Court decision, which is irrational but dangerous. It is important piece especially for parents whose children are in boarding schools as it is enabling LEAs to place children in local provision and care, if the cost is cheaper than the child’s current provision.

Basically, what this report is claiming is that a couple tried to get their child into a particular school. The LEA protested their choice (far from uncommon). SENDIST supported the parents decision which meant the child would go to the school of the parents choosing. At this point, the LEA had the child taken into care. This would mean they would have control of where the child was schooled.

If this is true this is beyond appalling. The only reason I can possibly think of for the LEA to initiate such a despicable action is to save money. It sounds like the parents wanted a school that the LEA felt was too pricey. Thing is, for LEA’s (and I speak from experience) ‘too pricey’ is comparable to a bag of chips.

Worryingly, IPSEA (Independent Panel for Special Education Advice) seem to have experience of this very thing:

We have received some reports of parents being threatened with the removal of their child (or actual removal taking place) because the approach those parents have taken towards their child’s education is alleged by their LA to constitute “child abuse”. An example of such “abuse” has been a parental request for special school placement rather than mainstream placement.

Amazing. I can’t imagine anything more terrifying then some jumped up suit wearing bureaucrat telling you to agree with them or they’ll remove your child. How do the people who do this sleep at night?

UPDATE. Below is the Channel 4 report.