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A better future for autistic adults

29 Apr

Following on from the National Autistic Society’s I Exist campaign and the massive support for the Autism Bill in Parliament the UK Government, after working closely with an external reference group chaired by NAS chief executive, Mark Lever, has launched a

consultation process for the first government strategy to support adults with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) to live life as full and equal citizens.

The consultation documents can be accessed online at the Department of Health. At present the consultation documents are print only but should be available to complete online before the consultation period ends on September 15th. The consultation only applies to England. The Welsh Assembly Government already has a Strategic Action Plan for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), published in April 2008. An ASD Strategic Action Plan is being finalised for publication in Northern Ireland and in Scotland the ASD Reference Group has published guidance to local agencies on commissioning services for people with autism. While these separate arrangements may reflect local differences it will be interesting to compare them in order to see how adults are being served across the United Kingdom.

The government has outlined 5 areas of need: social inclusion, health, choice and control, awareness raising and training, and access to training and employment. The NAS has a broader range of concerns on its website which it would like people to consider when completing the government questionnaire.

So, after years of being ignored or ineligible, autistic adults are finally being considered and their views taken into account in formulating statutory guidance for local authorities. So spread the word and mke sure the government hears your views.